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The rivalry between the Morocco et Algeriatwo neighboring countries from North Africais rooted in a complex history marked by territorial conflicts, ideological differences and divergent geopolitical ambitions. This persistent tension influences not only their bilateral relations, but also their relationship with the Francea former colonial power in the region. Paris often finds itself in a delicate position, seeking to maintain privileged ties with both nations while avoiding taking sides in their disputes. This situation creates a fragile balance where every diplomatic gesture toward one country is scrutinized and potentially interpreted as an affront by the other, complicating trilateral relations and regional stability.

Rama Yadea French political figure with many hats, recently spoke out on sensitive issues concerning the Morocco and its relations with the France in an interview given to the site le360His cautious speech reflects the complexity of diplomatic issues in the region.

The Royal Atlantic Initiative, launched by the King Mohammed VIcaught the attention of the former Secretary of State. Yade underlines the importance of this project which aims to create a partnership between the Morocco and the Sahel States. It highlights the potential benefits for Sahelian populations, facing poverty and conflict, by offering access to the Atlantic and new economic prospects. The city of Dakhla is mentioned as a future crucial port hub for this Atlantic alliance.

Asked about the warming of Franco-Moroccan relations after a period of tensions, Yade adopts a reserved posture. She points out that she does not represent the French government and does not have privileged information. Nevertheless, she underlines the historical and strategic importance of the links between the two countries, mentioning the presence of a large Moroccan diaspora in France and geographical proximity as factors justifying a ” close partnership« .

The issue of Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara, a major point of contention with Algeria, is approached with extreme caution by Yade. She reiterates her position as a non-representative of the French government and suggests that these questions be addressed directly to the relevant authorities, such as the French ambassador to Morocco.

This balancing act by Rama Yade illustrates the delicacy of diplomatic relations in the region. As a former representative of the French government and current director of a American think tankhis words reflect the need to navigate carefully the troubled waters of relations between the Morocco, Algeria and the France.

The Royal Atlantic Initiative, presented as an economic development project, could also be interpreted as a way for Morocco to strengthen its geopolitical position in the region, particularly vis-à-vis Algeria. This type of project underlines the ongoing competition between the two countries for regional and international influence.



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