Hoop City: Local 3-on-3 basketball talent gathers in Edmonton

Hoop City: Local 3-on-3 basketball talent gathers in Edmonton
Hoop City: Local 3-on-3 basketball talent gathers in Edmonton

Three-on-three basketball fans gathered by the hundreds at Fan Park in downtown Edmonton on Saturday. Hoop City 3×3 saw Olympians and newcomers get involved in the game as they competed in the country’s largest tournament.

Considered an Olympic sport since 2020, three-man basketball is a derivative of its better-known twin discipline. While the rules of the game are largely the same, it is the reduced number of players to three that distinguishes the sport from traditional basketball, as its name suggests.

In total, nearly 100 amateur teams were on hand to compete in several competitions throughout the day. During their breaks, the young athletes were treated to matches between the best teams in the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), from dozens of countries.

Feitah Adeoba, 14, feels privileged to have the opportunity to showcase her team’s talents at this event. Hailing from the Alberta capital, this is her first time at the tournament.

It’s so nice to be around all these competitive teams. It makes me feel like a good person and motivates me to train even harder.she explains.

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Feitah Adeoba (center) and his 3-on-3 basketball team competed against other local teams throughout the day.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Eve Côté

To enhance the experience for the families of young athletes, a competition slam dunk and shooting range, as well as music and shows were also on the agenda at Fan Park.

Inclusiveness: the tournament’s watchword

For the event organizer, Paul Sir, the Hoop City 3×3 is a unique opportunity to bring together children and adolescents from across the province, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Our goal is to invite the best athletes in the world, so that young people from all backgrounds can see, feel and even touch what it feels like to be an athlete at this level, and to prove to them that any goal is within reach.he shares.

He adds that the parameters of three-on-three basketball make the practice more accessible for young people who want to get started in the sport. It takes less people and all you need is a basket and you’re done.he specifies.

Paul Sir hopes that the growing enthusiasm for the discipline will continue to increase in the months and years to come.

The event Hoop City 3×3 will continue on Sunday during the day, where the men’s teams of the FIBA will face each other in the final.



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