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New Prime Minister Confirms He Wants to Abandon Plan to Deport Migrants to Rwanda

The new British Prime Minister, Keir Starmer, confirmed on Saturday that he does not intend to continue the previous Conservative government’s plan to expel migrants to Rwanda.

A first decision that will not go unnoticed. At the end of what was his first Council of Ministers, Keir Starmer, the new British Prime Minister, indicated that he was “not ready” to continue the project of Rishi Sunak’s government, which aimed to send migrants back to Rwanda.

This project, launched in 2022 but never implemented, “was dead and buried before it even began. It has never been a deterrent, I am not ready to continue with gimmicky measures,” he said.

As a reminder, last spring, the British Parliament adopted a law allowing the expulsion of migrants or asylum seekers to Rwanda, with no possible return to the United Kingdom.

The implementation of this text was to be done this summer, and many migrants have been arrested with a view to being taken to the East African country. Faced with the uncertainty of the British legislative elections, the justice system has ordered the release of certain detainees.

Fight against illegal immigration

As in many European countries, starting with France, the subject of immigration was one of the main themes of the British electoral campaign.

Despite his intention to backtrack on this controversial project, the leader of the Labour Party still intends to reduce immigration, but also to bring the United Kingdom closer to the European Union, without going back on Brexit.

Labour campaigned to crack down on illegal immigration, particularly the arrival of migrants in small boats across the Channel. More than 13,500 have attempted the crossing so far this year.

The new government plans to deploy resources inspired by the fight against terrorism to counter smuggling groups. And it wants to further strengthen cooperation with Europe, particularly France.

He also pledged to increase the UK’s capacity to process asylum applications, which has been backlogged for years.

Labour won a landslide majority in Thursday’s election, with 412 of the 650 seats in the House of Commons. Since then, Keir Starmer has begun appointing members of his government.



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