Three new inductees into the Grand Prix Hall of Fame

The Friends of the Grand Prix (AGP) nominated these builders at a press conference on Friday. “These volunteers, with whom I have been involved for several years, have become friends and it is an honour for me to be able to honour them today,” declared the association’s president, Claude Bourgeois.

“It is really essential to recognize these people who have worked to develop our event for so long, and always with the same ardor and passion. They do not count the hours and get involved for the love of this sport and we are extremely grateful.”

— Jean-Denis Girard, Director of the AGP Hall of Fame

A committed volunteer

Daniel Croteau came into contact with the GP3R in the early 1970s, first as a mechanic on one of the competition vehicles. The following year, he began volunteering for technical inspections, then took part in promotional tours of other racing circuits in the province.

Daniel Croteau (center), accompanied by Claude Bourgeois, president of the AGP and Jean-Denis Girard, director of the Hall of Fame (Eric Faucher)

He then became a trailer driver on the track, then in 1980, he took over the committee that covers this task. He still holds this position today, managing around thirty volunteers. He has contributed to the GP3R for 47 years.

“He does an exceptional job. The trailers are something, it’s a very important committee. When an accident happens, it has to be cleared quickly. Daniel has always been at the station and does a great job job“, says Claude Bourgeois. “I think it’s a well-deserved honor that he’s in the Grand Prix Hall of Fame.”

A driver with 19 participations

A driver since 1978, Renald Hamelin has had the chance to join the competition in dozens of series and several car classes, accumulating performances. The native of Saint-Marc-des-Carrières is also a coach, manager and team owner.

Renald Hamelin (center), accompanied by Claude Bourgeois, president of the AGP and Jean-Denis Girard, director of the Hall of Fame (Eric Faucher)

Mr. Hamelin has a long list of conquests, having won numerous championships between 1986 and 2007. With his participation in 19 editions of the GP3R as a driver, he has won three podiums in addition to contributing to the creation of the layout of the Trois-Rivières circuit. He has also driven the lead car during certain editions.

“He is someone who is extremely involved in motor racing and who has an incredible history with the GP3R,” says Jean-Denis Girard about the inductee.

An essential gathering

A non-profit organization present on most of the province’s racing circuits, the Association des signalers de la région du Québec (ASRQ) is inducted as an honorary member. Its members are all volunteers and take part in automobile, karting and motorcycle competitions.

André Lortie, chief signalman of the ASRQ, Claude Bourgeois, president of the AGP, Jean-Denis Girard, director of the Hall of Fame and Cynthia Coderre, president of the ASRQ (Eric Faucher)

They ensure the safety of the drivers by working to clear the tracks during accidents and by providing assistance to the drivers. The ASRQ is on site during the GP3R and is particularly responsible for signaling using flags. They are, in a way, the referees of motorized sport.

“The GP3R is obviously one of the two major events in which we participate, because we also participate in the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Despite the glamour of Formula 1, the ASRQ’s favorite event is the GP3R. In Trois-Rivières, we are at home, it is an event for which we never have difficulty recruiting flaggers. We love being here.”

— Cynthia Coderre, President of the Association of Signallers of the Quebec Region (ASRQ)

A ceremony will be held during the GP3R to highlight the contribution of the inductees to the event. Commemorative plaques will then be presented to them.



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