The police officer allegedly acted out of jealousy

The police officer allegedly acted out of jealousy
The police officer allegedly acted out of jealousy

He allegedly acted out of jealousy, off duty, made groggy by antidepressants. According to our information, a police officer stationed at the central police station in Tours was indicted and placed under judicial supervision at the end of June 2024, in particular for “destruction of property belonging to others by fire”. He is also accused of threats and consulting for personal purposes the Processing of Criminal Records (TAJ), an internal file at the Ministry of the Interior, confirms a judicial source.

The story of a fall for this civil servant assigned to the public highway described as drowning in depression. His distress, the emergency services were able to see it in the flames ravaging a Citroën DS7, parked in a street in the Deux-Lions district, on the night of May 19, 2024 in Tours. The starting point of an investigation entrusted to the local branch of the judicial police which, a month later, led to the arsonist police officer.

The car ravaged by flames, photographed by its owner around 3 a.m. on the night of May 19, 2024 in Tours. He filed a complaint and contacted the IGPN.
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“Platonic relationship” and “black hole”

“He had been seeing a woman for about ten years, without them living together but they shared holidays, a few dinners. A rather platonic relationship for which he perhaps hoped more”whispers a person close to the investigation. The announcement by his friend of the existence of a new partner would be at the origin of the anger of the forty-year-old.

Arrested at his home after a report was received by the National Police Inspectorate (IGPN), the suspect reportedly admitted to the facts he is accused of in police custody. But is reportedly struggling to remember the minutes during which he committed the act. ” The black hole “confirms a police source.

“I hope you got the message.”he is said to have admitted this in a text message sent the day after the incident to the owner of the burnt-out vehicle.

Provisional detention requested

Under arrest for several weeks, the police officer in question leaves a mixed image in the corridors of the central police station, portrayed as “a hell of a hard worker”, “a good listener”by some colleagues who worked with him.

At the end of June, the public prosecutor’s office requested that the police officer be placed in pre-trial detention after his referral. The judge of liberties and detention decided on strict judicial supervision. Before a criminal court, the destruction of property by fire is punishable by ten years’ imprisonment and a fine of €150,000.



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