The Atlantic Vision of Morocco is fundamentally humanist (Amrani)

The Atlantic Vision of Morocco is fundamentally humanist (Amrani)
The Atlantic Vision of Morocco is fundamentally humanist (Amrani)

The Atlantic Vision of the Kingdom is a global political project to which Morocco contributes with conviction, support and selflessness thanks to a sequenced and fundamentally humanist strategy, affirmed, Friday in Dakhla, the Moroccan ambassador to the United States, Youssef Amrani, highlighting the strategic convergences of Atlantic Africa and the vision of the Kingdom for an integrated, inclusive and prosperous continent.

“Atlantic Africa is not just a question of geography,” the ambassador stressed during a high-level panel as part of the Morocco Today Forum (MTF) 2024, held under the High Patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI.

The vision of His Majesty King Mohammed VI initiates an unprecedented emulation in the transformation of Atlantic Africa, explained Amrani, noting that this vision is based on four essential pillars: connectivity, cooperation, economic integration and citizen prosperity.

“Morocco has a strong and assumed Atlantic vocation,” continued Amrani, adding that the Kingdom is structurally committed to creating physical, economic and social links to promote first and foremost human development and at the same time the forward march of African emergence.

Among the key perspectives, the diplomat mentioned the Royal Initiative for the Sahel countries, aimed at promoting access to the Atlantic Ocean, noting that this Initiative aims to stimulate trade, generate investment and create jobs. “It is not only about security, but about development, integration and transformation of paradigms,” he said.

Concrete projects such as the port of Dakhla and the Nigeria-Morocco gas pipeline reflect this Vision and give substantial content to the integration strategies that operate transversally in the region, Amrani added, affirming that “these megaprojects create wealth and strengthen citizens’ confidence in their institutions.”

The ambassador also recalled the importance of establishing efficient corridors, stressing that “the Atlantic network is essential for inclusive and sustainable growth.”

Continuing this momentum, he highlighted the need for diversified partnerships. “We are acting in concert with our African, European and American partners,” he said.

Morocco actively participates in initiatives such as the Atlantic Cooperation Partnership…

launched by Washington, in addition to its unwavering commitments to South-South cooperation and successful and efficient partnerships in a variety of working frameworks such as at the level of political dialogue with NATO, which is celebrating its 75th anniversary in Washington in a few days, the diplomat recalled.

Asked about the challenges, Amrani stressed the importance of human capital and infrastructure. “The Atlantic is both a solution and a challenge,” he explained.

The projected population growth and increased trade traffic offer significant opportunities for visionary investments. “Morocco is seizing these opportunities and acting resolutely in the collective interest, making where it can a strong contribution, sustained interest and unwavering solidarity that promote a new geopolitical narrative in the region,” he argued.

And to conclude that “Morocco does not resign itself to Atlantic inertia”. “We are mobilizing all our efforts to support the Atlantic transformation, in listening, consultation and sharing with all of our partners for sustainable and inclusive development that generates progress and political ownership at all levels”, he said.

This intervention was part of the first panel of the Morocco Today Forum 2024, entitled “The Atlantic Initiative: A response to the aspirations of the peoples of Africa”.

This panel explored sustainable development and economic co-development strategies aimed at strengthening regional synergies and promoting inclusive growth.

The MTF 2024 positions itself as a key platform to catalyze regional dialogue and cooperation, ensuring that development initiatives are inclusive and beneficial for all countries involved.

In addition to Amrani, the panel brought together several other renowned speakers, namely Moussa Mara, former Prime Minister of the Republic of Mali who brought his expertise on development and security issues in the Sahel-Atlantic region and Nisrine Louzzi, Director of the new Dakhla Atlantique port project, who shared her experience on integrated economic development initiatives.

It is also Alioune Sall, founder and executive director of the African Futures Institute, who brought a geostrategic perspective on the future aspirations of Atlantic Africa.



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