“Clocks and gears” workshop Maison de la Magie Blois Sunday September 22, 2024

“Clocks and gears” workshop Maison de la Magie Blois Sunday September 22, 2024
“Clocks and gears” workshop Maison de la Magie Blois Sunday September 22, 2024

“Clocks and gears” workshop at Maison de la Magie Blois, Sunday September 22, 2024.

“Clocks and gears” workshop Sunday September 22, 10:30 a.m. Maison de la Magie from 9 years old, accompanied by an adult / Prices: €7; free for under-18s and holders of the Blois Culture Pass).
All proceeds will be used to restore an automaton from the Maison de la Magie collections.

Start and end dates and times (year – month – day – hour):
Start: 2024-09-22T10:30:00+02:00 – 2024-09-22T12:00:00+02:00
Fin : 2024-09-22T10:30:00+02:00 – 2024-09-22T12:00:00+02:00

Come and discover with your family the clocks and automatons made by Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin: what were these sometimes mysterious objects used for? Manipulation of models and modules. It’s up to you to play!
(from 9 years old, accompanied by an adult)

House of Magic 1 bis place du Château, 41000 Blois Blois 41000 Loir-et-Cher Centre-Val de Loire 02 54 90 33 33 http://www.maisondelamagie.fr [{« type »: « phone », « value »: « 02 54 90 33 32 »}] The Robert-Houdin Magic House pays tribute to the father of modern magic and presents interactive animations retracing the history of magic from antiquity to current stage magic. Located opposite the Château de Blois in a large bourgeois house from 1856, the Magic House is an essential stop on a visit to Blois. Inaugurated on June 1, 1998, it is the only public museum in Europe to present magic collections and a permanent live show in the same place, different each year.
Upon arrival, be surprised by the six-headed dragon that appears at the windows every half hour. Inside, over 2,000 m² spread over five levels, immerse yourself in the world of magic. Room after room, discover the history of magic, the life and work of Robert-Houdin as well as unique exhibitions and optical illusions of all kinds. At the crossroads between discovery of the city’s historical and magical heritage and family entertainment, this temple of magical arts opens its doors to you for a visit full of surprises.

European Heritage Days 2024

(c) House of Magic – Y. Boukef



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