In the Swiss National Park, my cabin in Canada

In the Swiss National Park, my cabin in Canada
In the Swiss National Park, my cabin in Canada

On the edge of Grisons, clinging to the slopes of a wild valley in the only Swiss national park, lies the Chamanna Cluozza. A paradise without a network, far from the crowds, out of time

Published on July 06, 2024 at 3:33 p.m. / Modified on July 06, 2024 at 3:34 p.m.

  • While some regions of Switzerland and the world are overwhelmed by Instagram tourists armed with selfie sticks, the Swiss national park is promoting contemplative tourism.

  • Human activities are relegated to the background, with priority given to animal welfare.

  • In the heart of the reserve, a cabin perfectly symbolizes the spirit of the place; remote, rustic and devoid of network.

Two horns stand out against the horizon. The ibex is sitting on the ridge line. “They don’t like the heat,” explains Hans Lozza, a sixty-something geologist, spokesman and surveyor for the national park for thirty years. “He’s here to get some air.” The Grisons native sets up a telescope to show the animal whose distant silhouette he has just spotted thanks to a few Sioux tricks. “At the very beginning of the last century, there were only about fifty specimens left in the entire Alps,” he says, turning his thumbs. “Most of them gathered in a hunting reserve owned by the King of Italy, Victor Emmanuel III. The Federal Council asked to buy a few, but the king refused. So poachers went and stole some.” On behalf of the Federal Council? “It’s a grey area,” smiles Hans Lozza. “Indirectly. But yes, certainly. Yes.”

One of the descendants of one of the animals stolen from the King of Italy over 100 years ago sunbathes. — © Hans Lozza

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