In Marseille, the left united to defend the Republic

In Marseille, the left united to defend the Republic
In Marseille, the left united to defend the Republic

Like a big photo of a family more united than ever, in the shade of plane trees and olive trees. This Friday afternoon, in the former premises of Films du Soleil, in Saint-Barnabé, in the 12the district of Marseille, they were all there: Christine Juste (EELV), Laurent Lhardit (PS), Pascaline Lécorché (Place publique), Hendrik Davi (LFI) and Amine Kessaci (EELV). All the candidates of the New Popular Front, each facing the far right in the second round of the legislative elections, were gathered for a joint meeting, a few hours before the end of the campaign, in the presence of the former head of the European list, Raphaël Glucksmann, and the mayor (DVG) of Marseille, Benoît Payan.

The risk of hatred

« This is not just another legislative election, warns the leader of Place publique. It is the fight to safeguard the Republic and democracy. “He immediately warned, in front of the many political, union and association activists, that the risk of an absolute majority of the National Rally has not yet been ruled out. ” This is a bourgeois commentator’s speech in Parisian salons.. » Enough to put an end to rumors of a national unity government.

« Sunday is not just any choice, it’s them or us “, recalled before him Pascaline Lécorché, candidate (Place publique) on the 1time constituency of Bouches-du-Rhône. We can’t laugh anymore, Amine Kessaci (EELV) is worried, in the 3e constituency. These are the candidates of the Republic or the RN, hatred, chaos, the sorting of citizens, the young people of the neighborhoods opposed to those of the village centers… »

Although the left-wing votes won the first round in Marseille, the danger there is particularly present. Apart from the two constituencies won by France Insoumise on 1is In turn, the RN came out on top in each of the five other constituencies where voters are called to the polls on Sunday. Often with serious chances of winning. This can be played at 100 Every constituency counts, every vote counts “, points out Raphaël Glucksmann. ” Every citizen must ask themselves the question of the hierarchy of dangers and threats. “, he calls. This applies to the left, but especially in Marseille for right-wing voters.

“The construction sites are ahead of us”

In the 6e constituency, Christine Juste (EELV) thus regrets the “ blackout ” by Lionel Royer-Perreaut (Ren.), who did not explicitly call for blocking the road to the RN, despite the reciprocal two years earlier of the Nupes candidate, Magali Holagne (PS). The votes of his voters will however be decisive in these constituencies which overlap the traditional bastions of the Marseille right. ” Those who did not vote for the New Popular Front in the first round may have doubts, recognizes Raphaël Glucksmann. But we agree on some points vital to the survival of our democracy. : that all French people are equal and we will not sort between them. »

Even before him, Benoît Payan thanked ” those who have chosen to withdraw, who have understood that what is at stake is more important than a career “But he still regrets a campaign” unworthy “, where some have put ” an equal sign between the heirs of collaboration and Vichy and the united left ». « There will be scores to settle afterwards “, said the deputy mayor (DVG) Samia Ghali sharply when welcoming the Parisian essayist.

« The construction sites are ahead of uspoints out the Marseille councilor. The first one is Sunday : Republican candidates must be sent to the National Assembly regardless of their political colour. “With time running out to convince before a decisive vote.” Everything we say, everything we do in the coming hours will have an echo in History. “, recalls Raphaël Glucksmann.

The time will come very quickly, afterwards, to face the democratic and social crisis which is fuelling the RN.

“Everything we do in the coming hours will have an echo in history.”



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