Germany: Police officer fired for stealing cheddar cheese : News

While responding to an accident involving a van carrying cheddar cheese, a police officer took his share of the cheese. A theft that cost him his job, according to the German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

The police officer, who was dismissed from his duties and status as a police officer for stealing a cheddar from an overturned truck, was sentenced by the Higher Administrative Court of Koblenz. The events took place in Rhineland-Palatinate, in the west of the country, reports the daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, whose article was spotted by Le Figaro.

80 kg of cheese stolen

According to the press release of the German police, the convicted police officer came from the motorway brigade in the Palatinate, where he was a commissioner. It was in September 2019 that the officer, present at an operation involving a van, stole the cheese from the overturned vehicle.

The police officer, who had asked the company to give him a few packages of 20 kg each, kept four bales worth a total of 250 euros for himself, for 80 kg of cheese. An action that initially earned him a warning before being considered serious misconduct by the Trier court. The person concerned has appealed the decision.

One of his defense arguments was that the police officer wanted to prevent food waste in the first place. According to him, he doesn’t even like cheddar cheese. The court stipulated, on the contrary, that his mission was to secure the perimeter to prevent the theft of the cargo, the theft of which he was precisely guilty.

published on July 6 at 12:02 p.m., Gabriel Gadré, 6Médias




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