The Sun of Châteauguay | An exhibition pays tribute to the sculptor Georges Henri Tardif

The Sainte-Martine Heritage Society has created an exhibition on the sculptor and artist Georges Henri Tardif, who died in 2023, and which highlights some of his works.

“The amount of work he did is astonishing,” mentions the Society’s co-president, Joël Dulude. “I was the first to be astonished! His daughter Fabienne Tardif wrote a book about her father and we see almost everything he did. It’s almost 200 pages long.”

Until August 31, the public is invited to admire various sculptures made of wood and hammered metal.

These focus on religion, social and political issues, as well as works by well-known artists. A work in the museum is also a tribute to former Sainte-Martine Canadian football player Gabriel Grégoire, who won the Grey Cup in 1977 with the Montreal Alouettes.

A sculpture in tribute to Canadian football player Gabriel Grégoire. (Photo: Le Soleil – Tristan Ouimet)

Among the religious works, there is a large painted wooden sculpture in the middle of the museum representing Saint Therese.

A sculpture representing Mother Theresa. (Photo: Le Soleil – Tristan Ouimet)

Among the socially oriented works, a sketch by Mr. Tardif on the Oka crisis is displayed on a wall of the museum. An image of the final work of the wooden sculpture is also present below the sketch.


A sketch by Georges-Henri Tardif before creating his wooden sculpture on the Oka Crisis. (Photo: Le Soleil – Tristan Ouimet)

Among the works inspired by works by renowned artists, there is a reproduction of Michelangelo’s Pietà.
In addition to the sculptures, visitors can see Georges Henri Tardif in action in photographs, newspaper articles about him and events of the time, as well as some of Mr. Tardif’s tools.

Some works come from the Saint-Clément church in Beauharnois and from La Maison Le Pailleur. Mr. Dulude informs that a sculptor will soon come to the museum to hold sculpture workshops.

A little history

A book by his daughter Fabienne Tardif that highlights her father’s life, as well as almost all of his works. (Photo: Le Soleil – Tristan Ouimet)

From a young age, Georges Henri Tardif, born on March 21, 1936 in Montmagny and arriving in Beauharnois at the age of 7, developed his passion for sculpture.

While he worked for several years as a machinist at Alcan in Beauharnois from 1955 to 1972, Mr. Tardif presented his first exhibition to the public in 1965; it was during this period that he began to live a little from his art.

He subsequently participated in several other exhibitions alongside other sculptors such as Armand Vaillancourt.
When he left his job at Alcan, Georges Henri Tardif was able to devote himself entirely to his profession as a sculptor.

In 1977 he created his famous work Reflection of Yesteryeara replica of a village from yesteryear.

The man who also built a house in Sainte-Martine and lived there for nearly 20 years, in 1987 Mr. Tardif returned to Beauharnois with his wife Rita Bergevin and devoted himself to teaching for 15 years.
It was in the 70s and 80s that this sculptor was prolific.

In 1990, Georges Henri Tardif became interested in painting, painting canvases and also some sculptures.
Several of his works are also part of the permanent collection of the Musée de Charlevoix.

(Source: Sainte-Martine Heritage Society)

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