Lorfevre, French-speaking folk with Balkan accents

Lorfevre, French-speaking folk with Balkan accents
Lorfevre, French-speaking folk with Balkan accents

Three musicians from Besançon (Doubs) performing a repertoire straight from the Balkans. Agathe Llorca (vocals, mandolin, violin), David Lefebvre (guitar, vocals) and Nicolas Mathuriau (organ) form Lorfevre, a trio that mixes French songs and Eastern European sounds. A colorful universe, which the group came to make us discover through two pieces, performed on the #studio3 stage.

This is the story of a group “a little to the east“. Well, that’s how they like to introduce themselves. They are Lorfevre, a scathing trio from Besançon (Doubs) whose universe is nevertheless far removed from Franche-Comté. Because their hobby is the Balkans and their very particular music.

I started with the violin, with a classical practice” remembers Agathe Llorca, singer but also violinist and mandolinist. “And then I discovered, through the film Latcho Drom, which retraces the route of the Roma, that the violin could be danceable, that it could accompany songs. I liked it right away.“.

Agathe then found a playmate in the person of David Lefebvre, guitarist but also singer and cymbalum player. From this meeting a duo was born, Lorfevre, a contraction of their two surnames (Llorca and Lefebvre).There is also a little jeweler side, jeweler of the note, of the sound, which we liked a lot.” smiles the singer.

The Balkans bring a virtuosity in the way of playing. There are many ornaments, it is very rich and at the same time very expressive. One has the impression that the instruments are singing.

Agathe Llorca,

singer of the group Lorfevre

Year after year, Lorfevre and his multiple instruments traveled to Eastern Europe and drew inspiration from its many melodies. All the while developing a repertoire first made up of covers, then of their own piece… in French.

Agathe Llorca sings… but also plays the mandolin brilliantly.

© France 3 Franche-Comté

The French lyrics allow our audience to understand what we are saying.” resumes Agathe. “It’s very important to us. We speak directly to them while keeping the influences that rock our music.“. The duo reached a milestone a few months ago with the arrival of multi-instrumentalist Nicolas Mathuriau, who gave a little more structure to a repertoire that mixed songs about love, wandering, or small everyday moments like… cats.

It is also the title “Le chat macho” that Lorfevre chose to perform in #studio3.The story of the cat in my condominium, who comes to my house as he pleases and lounges around” slips Agathe Llorca mischievously. “And behind the cat, perhaps there is a man hiding“.

David Lefebvre is the co-creator of Lorfevre.

© France 3 Franche-Comté

Here is the theory, now for the practice. When the three musicians get started, the alchemy is obvious. Agathe Llorca’s high, clear voice blends with the mandolin, David Lefebvre’s guitar chords and Nicolas Mathuriau’s organ. The whole thing creates a colorful, swaying universe, where the singer’s words bounce around in a playful, laughing way.

Here is Lorfevre, in all its splendor. Perhaps, by watching this #studio3 or by reading these few lines, you will want to discover their repertoire in more depth? Well, imagine that the group would like to “release a first album in trio” concludes Agathe Llorca.”We hope that in May 2025, it will be there. And then we would like to organize a small tour to make it known, and play it in front of an audience.“. That’s all we ask for.

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#studio3 was produced by the France 3 Franche-Comté teams:

Images: Xavier Beisser

Video technician: Dominique Perron

Son : Karl Monnin

Lights: Mostepha Bouchaour

Framers: Lionel Chapus-Berly and Romuald Piniac

Montage : Pierre Corne

Mixing: Karl Monnin

Infographics : Bertrand Poirier and Dominique Perron

Supervision: Clémence Baverel

Journalist: Antoine Comte



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