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The Nice Bar Association welcomes the “tour de France” of the president of (…)

In his welcoming speech, Emmanuel Brancaleoni showed great transparency when discussing his bar’s relations with the national body: ” The CNB is our representative body and it is now a bit distant from us. I don’t know if it is the CNB that has moved away from the base or the base that has moved away from the CNB but there is a certain distance that has been created. ” The president of the bar then described ” the tour of France of the bars within the framework of the major consultation of lawyers ” directed by Julie Couturier of ” excellent thing ” because it allows ” take a little of the temperature of the province » and to the province of « tell the presidency directly what is wrong and, above all, what we have the right to expect ». « I think it’s a courageous step because it’s a bit of a leap into the unknown. ” assured the president of the bar before giving the floor to Julie Couturier. The latter recalled that the CNB, ” who is a little over 30 years old “, was ” an institution that is ultimately quite young on the scale of our bars, which are 200 or 250 years old “. About the ” distant » mentioned by Me Brancaleoni she said she didn’t know. whether distance was created or proximity never existed ». « In any case, I think that the link is less natural between lawyers and the CNB than between lawyers and their orders. A lawyer needs his order on a daily basis. ” she explained.

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“Rich debates”

« We are aware that we need to do some soul-searching. And if the CNB has managed to establish itself as an institution representing the profession with regard to the public authorities, who now recognize us as such, this is clearly not so much the case with regard to our colleagues. However, from the moment we are there to represent our colleagues, the least we can do is come and meet them and find out what they expect of us. Everyone must do their part of the work and this approach is our part of the work. This tour is also an opportunity to pay tribute to the work of these elected officials and that of the permanent staff as well. The CNB is a machine that today has 90 employees, many very high-quality lawyers who have enabled this institution to modernize. We still have to make this known and perhaps adjust expectations. ” This is the whole point of this major consultation. Julie Couturier has also invited all lawyers to take part in this ” participatory democracy approach ” with only 15 questions and 10 minutes at most ” to convey your perception of the institution and your expectations ». « We remind you what our missions are and we ask you to appreciate how we carry them out and we also communicate about the tools that we offer. “After her visit to Grasse, she indicated on LinkedIn that the major consultation gave rise to “rich debates”, notably on ” growth markets, attractiveness and training ».

After visiting Rouen, Agen, Lyon, Hauts-de-Seine, Meaux, Toulon, Nice and Grasse, the CNB president is due to go to Rennes on July 5, Poitiers on the 11th, Bordeaux on the 12th, then Nîmes, Tarascon, Carpentras and Avignon from July 17 to 19.

In Grasse, the president of the CNB, welcomed by the president of the bar Franck Gambini, also met with magistrates including the president of the TJ Emmanuelle Perreux and the prosecutor Damien Savarzeix. Photo CNB Grasse (LinkedIn credit Julie Couturier)

Cover photo: Emmanuel Brancaleoni thanked the CNB delegation: Renaud Semerdjian, Roland Rodriguez, Sonia Ouled-Cheikh and Julie Couturier. ©S.Guiné



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