Biarritz and Bayonne decide to make peace: “We are not enemies!”

Biarritz and Bayonne decide to make peace: “We are not enemies!”
Biarritz and Bayonne decide to make peace: “We are not enemies!”

As recently revealed, Biarritz Olympique and Aviron Bayonnais will face each other in a pre-season friendly match on August 24 at the Stade Aguiléra in Biarritz.

The information was recently made official: the two professional clubs of the Basque Country will face each other in a friendly match this summer, just before the start of the 2024/2025 season.

Midi Olympique informs us that a partnership has been signed between the two clubs for four seasons, until 2028.

So, every year for four years, the two clubs will bring together rugby fans.

Biarritz Olympique spoke briefly. Excerpt:

“This initiative aims to strengthen the links between the two clubs and to promote the values ​​of rugby within the community.”

It is since the change of management at Biarritz Olympique and more precisely since the arrival of Shaun Hegarty at the head of BO that links have been renewed between the two Basque clubs.

The latter wanted to ease tensions with Aviron Bayonnais.

Recently, Shaun Hegarty took the first step by congratulating Aviron Bayonnais for its professionalism. Excerpt:

“I congratulate Bayonne for the way they have taken the turn through the infrastructure and activities. The managers, who I have known for years, have really succeeded in bringing it to the Top 14. They can make it last for years. Bravo for what they are doing. The relationships are healthy, there is no animosity, on the contrary. We appreciate and respect each other.”

Bayonne President Philippe Tayeb confirms that tensions have eased between the two clubs. Excerpt:

“If we have players to loan and they are attached to the territory, to the culture, we must not deprive ourselves of discussions, of negotiations, but the BO will be master of this kind of decisions.”

Via Midi Olympique, Philippe Tayeb explains why the two clubs have come together. Excerpt:

“The goal of this day is really to tell people that we are not enemies. There are two different projects, each one has its own. Maybe one day we will see each other again in the first division. It would be a great derby, but for now, each one has a different goal. […] We just put intelligence and listening into the relationships. This day will be a celebration of rugby, the territory and the lovers of the two clubs.”

This summer, Aguiléra will host this first edition. Next season, it will take place near Jean-Dauger, in Bayonne. The host club will keep the profits for itself.

The last time the two teams faced each other? It was on June 12, 2021, during a promotion play-off. Biarritz Olympique won and therefore moved up to the Top 14.

Aviron Bayonnais’ last victory against Biarritz dates back to 2016. The Bayonnais have lost five derbies.

The president of Bayonne reassured everyone in conclusion. Excerpt:

“Let the skeptics rest assured. There will never be a merger under the presidency of Philippe Tayeb.”



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