Cigarette butt collection operation for young people in Orléans

Cigarette butt collection operation for young people in Orléans
Cigarette butt collection operation for young people in Orléans

Young beneficiaries of the Mission Locale de l’Orléanais, the École de la Deuxième Chance (E2C) and the AFPA mobilized to lighten the Orleans streets of their many cigarette butts. A total of twenty-seven thousand cigarette butts were collected.

“We would like those who throw them away to follow your example!” congratulated a passer-by on Place du Châtelet upon seeing the effort made this Friday, July 5, by young people in professional integration or reintegration, mobilized voluntarily in the service of Orléans cleanliness.

The initiative, coordinated by the three organizations that help people under twenty-five find employment, has allowed a total of six kilograms of cigarette butts thrown on the ground of the streets of downtown Orléans to be collected. The waste collected is intended to be “recovered” by the company Tellura Environnement, based in Châteauroux, which will reuse the cigarette butts as fuel instead of traditional fossil fuels.

An effort to serve city dwellers

Armed with plastic bottles as storage, the participants were divided into teams in demarcated areas from the Palais des Sports to the Quais de Loire. An honorary competition for the one bringing back the most cigarette butts served as a fine collective effort sometimes greeted by the people of Orléans with a thank you, a congratulation or a simple thumbs up.

“We do it first for the planet, but above all to help people and our associations”

Sofyan, 19 years old Beneficiary of the 2nd Chance School

The Orléanais Local Mission thus follows more than three thousand young people who have dropped out of school, are unqualified or have disabilities, aged sixteen to twenty-five, on their path to employment.

The choice of collecting cigarette remains was not made at random: “We carried out a waste collection on the banks of the Loire last summer, and we noticed that there were a lot of cigarette butts that we were not able to collect entirely,” explained Morgane Varquet, integration advisor for the Mission Locale.

Addictions, chronic diseases… Apleat-Acep supported more than 18,000 people in Centre-Val de Loire in 2023

An awareness campaign on the dangers of cigarettes for health and ecosystems was also presented to the participants by Estelle Baude, prevention officer of the Addictions France association. Faced with some twenty to twenty-five thousand tons of cigarette butts thrown away each year in France, there is no doubt that collective effort must be valued and encouraged!

Aurelien Gourdon



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