Shaken baby symptoms: former nanny tried in Alençon

Shaken baby symptoms: former nanny tried in Alençon
Shaken baby symptoms: former nanny tried in Alençon



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Jul 5, 2024 at 4:19 PM

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A denial. This is how the Prosecutor’s Office summed up the attitude of the nurseduring the criminal hearing, Thursday July 4, 2024, at court of Alençon (Orne).

A 56-year-old woman was prosecuted for intentional violence against a 5 month old baby which she had custody of, at the parents’ home, in a town north of Alençon.

Transported urgently to Caen

This nanny was considered exemplary by the parents during the first auditions. She had already had custody of the two eldest children, without any problems ever being reported.

But on June 21, 2022, shortly before noon, a call to the fire department changed everything. The little girl was rushed to Caen hospital, where she was admitted to intensive careafter vomiting several times.

The nanny then explained that the baby had bumped into her high chair while she was trying to pick her up.

But a doctor, after examining him, sent a letter to the Alençon court specifying in his words, “a poorly explained fallin the presence of the nurse”.

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A fall according to her

In her first hearings, the defendant maintained this version.

Then she ended up explaining that she was giving the bottle, sitting on the sofa, when, for avoid a false routeshe made a gesture with her shoulder to lift the baby’s head. “But she suddenly went forward. I tried to put my leg to stop the fall, but she fell on the tiles.”

I can’t explain what happened.

The defendant

Why didn’t she say anything sooner? “I don’t understand myself. She was catapulted… I thought no one would believe me.”

The baby left Caen for the Alençon hospital on July 6. According to the opinion of several doctors, the symptoms cannot be explained otherwise: the child was shaken.

This is something the defendant firmly denies. She has now turned her back on this profession and works as a cleaner in another region. Her criminal record is clean so far.

“She cracked”

“It’s simply the story of a nanny who, one day, because she is tired, anxious – this is also a character trait highlighted by a medical expert – gets angry and goes off the rails “, declares the lawyer for the civil party.

She has put together a coherent scenario in a few moments. But in reality, she simply represses the idea of ​​having been violent.

The parents’ lawyer

She also gives news of the baby “who is doing well, but additional tests will be necessary around the age of 3”. For the parents, she is asking for a symbolic €1 in damages.

Referring to a “closed session without witnesses”, the prosecutor points out the defendant’s “denial”.

None of her versions are admissible in light of the medical findings. She just cracked.

The Deputy Public Prosecutor of Alençon

It requires two years suspended prison sentenceand a ban on working as a childminder for ten years.

“The accident happened, that’s a fact,” the defense attorney argued. “And it is attributable to my client. But it remains an accident following a clumsiness… In this case, we must go beyond the medical vision to arrive at a legal understanding.”

He repeats that his client “did not shake the baby.”

The judgment has been reserved, the court will give its decision on Thursday, September 26.

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