Job at the federation, house in Belgium: what has become of Eder, the hero of the 2016 France-Portugal final?

Job at the federation, house in Belgium: what has become of Eder, the hero of the 2016 France-Portugal final?
Job at the federation, house in Belgium: what has become of Eder, the hero of the 2016 France-Portugal final?

It is not known whether the future nightmare of the French team will be on the pitch at the Volksparkstadion, but we are sure that its dread will be in the stands in Hamburg this Friday. Eight years after having eternally donned the costume of hero in Portugal by scoring the only goal of the 2016 European Championship final, Eder will attend the quarter-final of Euro 2024 as a spectator.

But what has become of him? Football-wise, we found his last trace, with his cleats on, two years ago, in Saudi Arabia. In total anonymity in a championship that had not yet loosened the purse strings to attract the big stars of European competitions. With Al-Raed, Eder scored six goals. Before hanging up his boots without ever really making official a retirement that began on May 27, 2022 at the end of a banal match against Al-Shabab where he came off at half-time.

It was finally by activating our research in his country that we were able to decipher the news of the man who entered history at the Stade de France on July 10, 2016. “He works for the Portuguese Football Federationtells us Luis Cristovao, a sports journalist in Portugal. As a thank you after his winning goal? “In terms of popularity, he is not at the level of a Cristiano Ronaldo or a Luis Figo but is considered a legend, almost an urban myth that is very real, admits Francisco Sousa, a reporter for the DAZN channel in the country.

This achievement changed his career and his life. Propelling him to the rank of divinities while he was despised by an entire people before that. So much so that Ricardo Quaresma had confided that in extra time during the famous final, “Nobody wants him to come into the game. That’s the truth at that point. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar.”.


Nobody wants him to come into the game in 2016. That’s the truth at that point.

Of course, we would have liked to collect the confidences of the 36-year-old former center forward. Like so many others. “I’m sorry but there were a thousand requests for him and we thought it was best to refuse them for the sake of fairness,” We are informed by Antonio Magalhaes.

The FPF’s communications manager tells us about the new missions of the man who won the only major title in the history of the Seleção, unless we consider the 2019 Nations League as a major trophy. “Since April, Eder has been a director within our federation. He follows our national youth teams in both men’s and women’s football and he also leads social missions driven by the federation.”

Eder’s new daily life is therefore divided between his country and our Belgium. Indeed, when he wore the colours of Losc in 2016, the native of Bissau met Sanna Ladera, originally from Roosdaal in Flemish Brabant. The Portuguese international and his wife own a house in the Brussels region.

Did the whistles from the French public when he returned to his club in Lille after the summer of 2016 fuel an aversion towards France? “I expected it. I thought they would disappear. But it ended up affecting me a little bit. It’s true. Sometimes I tried not to pay attention. But we remain human,” he had acknowledged at the time.

There is no doubt then that time has taken its course and that no resentment has taken hold of him. Because he is among those who have won. And he hopes that his successors will also switch to that side.



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