Port of Quebec: QSL plans a container terminal in the Beauport sector

Port of Quebec: QSL plans a container terminal in the Beauport sector
Port of Quebec: QSL plans a container terminal in the Beauport sector

Three years after the failure of the Laurentia terminal project, led by the Port of Quebec, containers are once again in the news in Beauport Bay. This time, the QSL company is considering a redevelopment of its activities, without encroaching on the river.

In a press release issued Friday morning, the company announced its intention to redevelop Beauportto include a more important vocation for container handling”,”text”:”its port activities in the Beauport sector to include a more important vocation for container handling”}}”>its port activities in the Beauport sector to include a more significant vocation for container handling.

This redevelopment would affect vast land leased from the Port of Quebec, at the mouth of the Saint-Charles River, where QSL occupies half of the 92 hectares available, including a 15-metre-deep wharf line. The company currently tranships dry bulk, mainly iron ore.

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The Laurentia Container Terminal project, a model of which is shown here, involved the addition of a 610-metre quay line. QSL, whose mountains of dry bulk are seen in this model, wants to use its current land instead. (Archive photo)

Photo: Quebec Port Authority

This announcement comes three years after the Port of Quebec failed to bring its Laurentia container terminal project to fruition. At the time, the port authority was aiming to build a new 610-metre quay line in Beauport Bay, right on the river.

The QSL initiative does not involve any expansion of infrastructure. The project QSL is considering would not require any encroachment on the river and would not impact aquatic habitat.the company believes. The Impact Assessment Agency of Canada had been very severe on the harmful effects of Laurentia in the fragile ecosystem of Beauport Bay.

After being involved in the red dust saga in Limoilou, QSL promises an environmentally friendly project and communitiesIn the case of Laurentia, the lack of social acceptability had also been raised during the federal assessment.

Supply chain

QSL is launching its analysis work with the intention of establishing itself in the merchandise supply chain for the Quebec region, but also beyond, in complementarity with Montreal.

Currently, 80% of the volume of international trade in goods is transported by sea and the trend towards containerization is likely to increase.supports QSL President and CEO Robert Bellisle.

We have heard the concerns of the business community that wants to benefit from short supply chains where processed products and inputs are brought closer to consumers or end users.Mr. Bellisle continues.

If QSL can become a solution to this economic ecosystem that needs to be optimized, we raise our hand and are ready to work with all stakeholders who caress this objective.

A quote from Robert Bellisle, pdg de QSL

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The Beauport Bay area could see containers appear in the near future. (Archive photo)

Photo: Radio-Canada / Guillaume Croteau-Langevin

Federal authorization

Before moving forward, QSL must wait for approval from the federal government. QSL asks the federal government to respond favorably to its November 2023 request to expand customs operations at the Port of Quebecthe company said.

The operator needs the green light before finalizing its thinking and submitting a project notice to the Port of Quebec. If this condition is met, QSL will then be able to finalize a detailed business plan which it will submit to higher governments.

The Quebec Port Authority welcomes the QSL project and presents itself as a partner. We believe that a containerized goods project could not only meet the economic challenges of Quebec and Quebec, but also respect the fundamental principles of our Vision 2035, which gives priority to respect for the environment and the community.reacted the president of the Port, Mario Girard.



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