Significant improvement in the reception, integration and retention of immigrants in the MRC of Nicolet-Yamaska

Significant improvement in the reception, integration and retention of immigrants in the MRC of Nicolet-Yamaska
Significant improvement in the reception, integration and retention of immigrants in the MRC of Nicolet-Yamaska

NICOLET-YAMASKA. The MRC of Nicolet-Yamaska ​​draws a positive assessment of its immigration action plan.

Let us recall that in 2020, the MRC of Nicolet-Yamaska ​​wanted to develop a strategy and an action plan for the attraction, reception, integration and retention of immigrants on its territory.

Following meetings with various stakeholders in the community in particular, the MRC was able to develop and implement its action plan, which helped to consolidate the links that united the various local stakeholders in preparing the communities in the MRC territory to welcome and successfully integrate immigrants.

“Thanks to this action plan, we have seen a clear improvement in the reception and integration of newcomers in our municipalities by the various stakeholders (businesses, socio-economic and community organizations and municipal employees). Thanks to targeted measures, we have strengthened the reception and promoted the inclusion of immigrants in our communities. Tangible results demonstrate our commitment and we will continue on this same path by building a welcoming and dynamic community, where everyone finds their place and can fully contribute to their development,” shares the MRC Prefect, Geneviève Dubois.

The MRC’s mission was to achieve 5 objectives:

  1. Support the integration and reception of immigrants in MRC businesses;
  2. Improve knowledge of MRC businesses in relation to the reception and integration of immigrants;
  3. Increase opportunities for exchange and intercultural rapprochement between all residents of the MRC and newcomers from immigration;
  4. Improve knowledge about discrimination, racism and bullying among citizens of the MRC;
  5. Improve the promotion of immigration services in the MRC territory.

To do this, the MRC organized various activities, produced various tools and promoted the following immigration services:

  • Establishment of an Immigration Partners Table which brings together all the organizations in the territory which offer services to immigrants or which have an impact on community retention factors;
  • Several training courses on diversity, reception and inclusion, interpersonal communication, etc.;
  • Four evenings of 5 to 7 on the subject of diversity, inclusion and creating links which brought together 83 people;
  • Weekly co-development meetings on various themes related to immigration to which businesses, community partners and all members of the community were invited;
  • The production of nine video capsules telling the stories of immigrants in the MRC
  • The design of three guides, including one on the directories of immigration services offered free of charge in the MRC, a guide intended for employers welcoming temporary workers and a rental guide which is intended to be a building owner’s manual;
  • The update of 16 guides for the 16 municipalities of the territory which bring together the information necessary for new arrivals;
  • and more.

It is thanks to the financial support provided by the Ministry of Immigration, Francisation and Integration as part of the Community Support Program (CSP) that the MRC of Nicolet Yamaska ​​was able to carry out its ImmigrAction project.



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