MELCCFP orders Héritage Terrebonne to characterize and rehabilitate a lot in Terrebonne

The Ministry of the Environment, the Fight against Climate Change, Wildlife and Parks (MELCCFP) is issuing an order against the company Héritage Terrebonne to require it to carry out the additional characterization and rehabilitation of lot 5 599 713, located south of Chemin Saint-Charles, in Terrebonne.

Between 2005 and 2019, this land was the subject of backfilling work in several sequences by the company as part of the “Domaine du parc” real estate project. The ministerial authorization provided for backfilling work with uncontaminated soils. However, sampling of the soils used revealed the presence of contaminants in some of the soils used.

Thus, the backfilling work carried out on this lot was carried out in contravention of the ministerial authorization issued to the company for this purpose, as well as in contravention of the applicable provisions of the Environmental Quality Act and its regulations.

In this context, recourse to the order under section 114 of the Environment Quality Act was preferred and the Ministry indicated that it will not rule out any recourse to enforce it.


Multiple inspections and verifications have been carried out over the past few years, revealing the presence of contaminated soil in the backfill at this site.

In 2021 and 2022, two notices of non-compliance were sent to 3563308 Canada Inc. to inform it of the deficiencies noted in connection with the presence of contaminated soil on the site and to encourage it to take the necessary measures to remedy them.

Since the company did not remedy the situation, on April 29, 2022, an administrative monetary penalty in the amount of $2,500 was imposed on Héritage Terrebonne for backfilling lot 5 599 713 with contaminated soil, contrary to the conditions of its ministerial authorization issued on April 4, 2007. On March 18, 2024, a prior notice of the order was notified in this file to inform the company that the Minister intended to serve this order on it.



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