the “pocket money” scheme for 14-17 year olds

The City of Sète wants to experiment with a new device this summer. Entitled “pocket money”this aims to reward and remunerate young people from Sète who participate in the life of the community by carrying out certain tasks.

It is both a helping hand for these young people and the creation of intergenerational links. They will in no way do the work of the agents. They will complete it by accompanying them, talking with the children in the toy libraries, with the seniors in Vallon and with the population at the markets.

Jocelyne Gizardin, deputy mayor in charge of social affairs

5 missions, 3 hours, 75 euros per week

As part of the “pocket money” scheme, young workers will therefore have to make five missions within the Community Social Action Center (CCAS)on one weekfor a total duration of 3 hours. Among these missions, they will have to: help seniors at the Vallon restaurant center, “1 day – 1 market” prevention action concerning good summer reflexes, prepare activities for seniors or help with the Ludomobile with the toy libraries, etc. For each task carried out, the young person will receive 15 euros, or a total of 75 euros per week for the five missions carried out.

First of all, to apply for the “pocket money” scheme each teenager must be between the ages of 14 and 17 years old and must rreside in Sète. If these two conditions are met, then the application can be sent by email to this address: [email protected]This must include the following elements:

  • Public liability
  • Proof of identity of the young person and the legal representative
  • Proof of address,
  • Photocopy of mandatory vaccinations

Finally, the “pocket money” missions are to be carried out between July 15 and August 30. Due to limited space, volunteers are advised to apply early. Applications are due August 23.

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