Lyon. Vintage Football Area, where to buy retro jerseys for the summer

Lyon. Vintage Football Area, where to buy retro jerseys for the summer
Lyon. Vintage Football Area, where to buy retro jerseys for the summer

With his 1998 OL jersey on his back and Zidane’s Euro 2000 kit in his hands, co-founder Olivier Kaelbel illustrates all the treasures available in his shop. Photos © Lyon People

Texts : Morgan Couturier – After a successful first visit in 2022, the Vintage Football Area brand is returning to Lyon, with a new pop-up store. Fans have until this Saturday, July 6 to find legendary football outfits and revive old, often glorious, memories.

One might think that it was a museum, built on a street Port du Temple, which has never been so aptly named. And for good reason, over 80m2these are dozens of jerseys from old times, which decorate a temporary shop, built to the glory of football. On site, the enthusiasts seem to be served, many of them already taking up since the 1is July, this cultural response granted to Marty: “name of Zeus”!

The reason? These countless outfits, flooding the vaults of this landmark, imagined by Vintage Football Area. A brand well known to football fans, as it has been flooding social networks with these lost treasures for four years. And if the brand built its success via its website, here it is again established in Lyon, two years after a first experience that was, to say the least, successful.

A leading start-up in jersey resale

“We were a hit. Sometimes, we had to wait up to an hour in front of the store,” recalls the co-founder. Olivier Kaelbel. He who had started with his partner, Paul Jong and his own personal collections, thus returns until this Saturday, July 6, now enriched with countless tunics, sometimes dating back to the last century.

And it is clear that the success of this installation seems to follow the golden era of OL in the 2000s, as the public flocks every day to the aisles of the store, seduced by these collector jerseys of Italian, English, Spanish and of course French teams, sold for less than €100. Starting with this “lion logo”, available in multiple copies.

The opportunity to find jerseys from the golden era of our Lyonnais

The key is the Justin Bridou jersey from 1996 (above), the one from the first title, acquired in 2002, or the flashy gold tunic from 2007, flocked Juninho. “We always try to have a stock of 1000 jerseys,” continues the creator of Vintage Football Area, while nearly 200 of them have been purchased since the opening, this Monday.

But latecomers can rest assured, the brand continues to replenish itself, thanks to donations from clubs, former players or by reselling private collections of individuals (including directly, within this pop-up store). A win-win deal, in a world where success is king. Having become real fashion items, these pearls of the past now have all the makings of the perfect attribute, as the holidays begin.

They could also awaken old memories: celebrations, titles, even sad defeats. All are intended to awaken emotions. This is the meaning of this shop, unfortunately ephemeral. But at the start of the end of regulation time, the public can already console itself. Additional time is planned. When? Olivier Kaelbel has yet to announce it. On the eve of the final whistle, the latter nevertheless assures us: “in Lyon, there are a lot of passionate people. We will definitely be back!”

Vintage Football Area Pop-Up Shop
Open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. at 25 rue Port du Temple – 69002 Lyon



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