Season 1 streaming VF for free on M6+

Season 1 streaming VF for free on M6+
Season 1 streaming VF for free on M6+

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The synopsis of the series

“Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams” does not have a single synopsis for the entire series, given its anthology nature. Each episode presents a separate story, inspired by a Philip K. Dick short story.

The series explores various possible futures and alternate realities, addressing themes typical of Philip K. Dick’s work such as:

  • The Nature of Reality and Perception
  • The impact of technology on society and the individual
  • Questions of identity and consciousness
  • Dystopias and Controlled Societies
  • Time paradoxes and time travel
  • Artificial Intelligence and its Ethical Implications
  • Manipulation of memory and mind

Each episode immerses the viewer in a unique, often disturbing or strange world, where the characters are confronted with moral dilemmas, upsetting discoveries or situations that challenge their understanding of reality.

The stories vary widely in tone and style, from action-adventure to philosophical meditation, psychological thriller to dark comedy. All share, however, a profound exploration of the human condition in the face of technological advances or radical societal changes.

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The cast of season 1

Since the series “Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams” is an anthology, each episode features a different cast. Season 1 consists of 10 episodes with a diverse cast of actors:

  1. “The Hood Maker » : Richard Madden et Holliday Grainger
  2. « Impossible Planet » : Jack Reynor et Benedict Wong
  3. « The Commuter » : Timothy Spall et Tuppence Middleton
  4. « Crazy Diamond »: Steve Buscemi and Sidse Babett Knudsen
  5. « Real Life » : Anna Paquin et Terrence Howard
  6. « Human Is » : Bryan Cranston et Essie Davis
  7. « The Father Thing » : Greg Kinnear et Mireille Enos
  8. “Autofac”: Juno Temple and Janelle Monáe
  9. « Safe and Sound » : Maura Tierney et Annalise Basso
  10. « Kill All Others » : Vera Farmiga et Mel Rodriguez


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