Climate budget – City of Nogent-sur-Marne

Climate budget – City of Nogent-sur-Marne
Climate budget – City of Nogent-sur-Marne

Climate change and its consequences in our daily lives are not just boring topics of conversation. They are shared societal issues driven by cities. The 2024 Finance Act also requires those with more than 3,500 inhabitants to mention the negative or positive impact of their spending in the budget.

In order to reduce the city’s greenhouse gas emissions, Mayor Jacques JP Martin wanted to develop a climate budget for Nogent from 2025: expenses will be quantified according to their environmental impact.

A transition plan and a roadmap accompany the process. As a prelude, The municipality began a carbon audit at the end of March Heritage and Skills. Each action is classified according to its impact on the climate. This 2024 inventory will help to inform future budgetary orientations in favor of the most virtuous projects.


Five levels of impact are used to classify municipal actions

  • Very favorable : these are expenses that have a very positive impact on the climate today and tomorrow.
  • Favorable sous conditions : these are expenses that allow a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions but are insufficient for carbon neutrality.
  • Neutral : these are expenses without a significant impact on the carbon neutrality trajectory
  • Unfavorable : these are expenses incompatible with carbon neutrality, which induce significant greenhouse gas emissions.
  • To be explored further : these are expenses which have an impact on the climate but cannot be classified as such due to a lack of information or data, the analysis of which will become more precise over the years.


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