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Photo: Michel Caron – UdeS

In fairness to the rest of the university community, The Université de Sherbrooke informed the members of the encampment on Tuesday that the regulatory framework had been adjusted and that the group had to, among other things, remove the tarps and wooden structures that had been erected, and return all equipment belonging to the university. The UdeS also reiterated the fact that there would be no tolerance for any message that incites hatred. However, the members of the encampment did not respect the directives.

This morning, a team therefore proceeded to remove the equipment belonging to the UdeS, and dismantled the installations, structures and displays that contravened the directives.

The UdeS has been showing tolerance and openness towards the members of the encampment for several weeks: “We respect the desire of the members of our community to defend causes in which they believe,” said the rector, Professor Pierre Cossette, “but we must maintain, on our campus, a space of equity and security and the conditions for respectful dialogue.”

Occupy a reasonable proportion of the campus

For the benefit of the entire community, the UdeS reduced the perimeter of the camp site and removed the tarps and any equipment or furniture belonging to the UdeS, including the concrete blocks.

“This mobilization of a small group of people,” the rector emphasizes, “also deprives many students and staff members of one of the most beautiful sites on the main campus. This situation poses a significant challenge, as was highlighted by the recent judgment in the case of the University of Toronto camp.”

It is important to remember that the encampment is illegal and that, since its installation in May, the UdeS has shown openness by establishing a temporary regulatory framework to allow protesters to formulate their demands. We have also maintained a dialogue with the members of the encampment.

Charles Vincent, Director General, Mobility, Security and Prevention Department of UdeS

Mission of the University

The UdeS management reiterates its desire to resolve the situation, but the most recent demands received on 1is July, however, did not advance the discussions.

“These are the same demands, there is nothing new,” explains the rector. “And they go against our mission, which requires us to be rigorously impartial and to maintain academic freedom.”

Let us recall that the demonstrators are demanding in particular that the UdeS take a position on the presence or absence of a genocide in Palestine. They also want the UdeS to denounce the federal and provincial governments and their investments.

UdeS maintains its 14 commitments

The University continues to be open by maintaining its 14 commitments. The commitments include expedited processing of applications for admission and accommodation options if documents cannot be provided, as well as a generous scholarship program for Palestinian students.

The UdeS leadership remains sensitive to the suffering of the members of its community affected by the war in Gaza and reaffirms its desire for an immediate ceasefire and a rapid resolution of the conflict.



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