A chore to clean up illegal dumps in Forestville

A chore to clean up illegal dumps in Forestville
A chore to clean up illegal dumps in Forestville

On August 10, all of Forestville is invited to a huge clean-up of the illegal dumps that are swarming across the territory. Citizens are also invited to take advantage of a metal and bulky waste collection service.

“On August 10 at 9 a.m., everyone should be at the Danube,” says Russel Tremblay, one of the initiators of the 6e edition of this activity which has also been held, in past years, in Colombier, Portneuf-sur-Mer and Longue Rive. The event was initially scheduled for July 6, but was postponed due to forecast rain.

The event is organized by the HCN Quad Club in collaboration with the MRC La Haute-Côte-Nord. “Illegal dumps are a real disaster and this day also serves to show the world that it is a disaster. People will take their junk to the back of the forest, they make trouble when we have an easily accessible ecocentre. Why not use it?”

Everyone is welcome. “No need to touch the materials if you don’t have the physical strength or the desire! You can transport young people, help with supplies, everyone will have something to do within their reach. It takes citizen participation,” says Mr. Tremblay.

Owners of ATVs with trailers are also invited.

Water and snacks will be provided. Door prizes will be drawn among participants.

In total, around ten illegal dumpsites could be visited depending on the staff available.

The money raised by the sale of the recovered metal will be donated to the Forestville Youth Centre and residents can also bring their returnable containers. Teenagers will also participate in the chore. “The participation of young people is important so that they tell their uncles to stop doing this,” says Russel Tremblay with a laugh.

More seriously, he points out the environmental risks associated with these illegal waste dumps. “It can injure animals, contaminate the soil, it’s unpleasant to see for hikers, boaters, forest users!”

Rain or shine, the activity will no longer be postponed.

Fight the scourge

Countryside Fight the scourgeset up by Environnement Côte-Nord, invites you to declare polluted sites in three easy steps.

1. Observe: do not venture into sites that present risks, but take some photos or note down what you see.

2. Locate: Using a GPS or your cell phone, note the geographic coordinates of the polluted site.

3. Report: Share the location of the contaminated site you discovered via the campaign webpage by providing the geographic coordinates so that a team can locate the contaminated site.

Consult the directory

There is a good chance that you are not the first to come face to face with a contaminated site. You can consult the Environnement Côte-Nord directory which gives an idea of ​​the scale of the scourge…



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