Noisy-le-Grand continues its greening – L’Écho Île-de-France

Noisy-le-Grand continues its greening – L’Écho Île-de-France
Noisy-le-Grand continues its greening – L’Écho Île-de-France
The City has created a first urban forest on rue du Général Morand, between route de Gournay and avenue Émile Cossoneau, on a plot of 8,500 m² where 180 trees have been planted. © DR

A Noisy-le-Grand, adaptation to climate change and preservation of the environment require greening. This is demonstrated by the implementation of several projects in favor of the greening of the municipality, the ecological transition and the development of urban agriculture.

A first urban forest

Among these projects is the creation of a first urban forest developed on rue du Général Morand, between route de Gournay and avenue Émile Cossoneau, on a plot of 8,500 m² where 180 trees have been planted. This urban forest is home to both shrubby areas and meadows and has paths and a small square that could host events. Because, beyond its environmental vocation, its goal is also to ” ensure pedestrian crossings ” and of ” create a meeting point and place of activities for the neighborhood while promoting social cohesion “, underlines the City. In this urban forest, an innovative system is deployed to ensure the tensiometric monitoring of the trees (water supply provided to them by the soil). A system which ” provides agronomic watering which increases the root production of the plantations while reducing the quantities of water used during watering rounds “, explains the City.

Creation of a horticultural center

Another project brought to fruition by the municipality: the creation of a horticultural center, placed under the supervision of the teams of the Tree, Landscape and Biodiversity department responsible for maintaining and promoting the city’s floral heritage. Located on Rue du Ballon, this horticultural center has been in operation since last December. It covers 5,600 m², including 1,600 m² dedicated to its greenhouses. Some 29,000 plants (such as ficus, schefflera, peperomia or ivy) will be produced there this year. A center ” modern and sustainable “, with its rainwater and watering recovery systems, grinding of pruning waste transformed into mulch, and automated management of ventilation and shade sails, in which the City has invested nearly 3 million euros.

In Noisy-le-Grand, the maintenance of the 441 ha of green spaces is ensured by 39 municipal agents, including 21 gardeners. Green spaces ” maintained on the principle of differentiated management, with four levels of maintenance “, says Jonas Lechat-Thomas, head of the Tree, Landscape and Biodiversity department. Thus, ” in areas that allow it, vegetation is left in a near-natural state to promote biodiversity ».

An urban farm in 2025

Noisy-le-Grand will finally have an urban farm on Place Gustave-Courbet located on the slab of the Mont d’Est district. This urban farm will be associated with and will supply a local fast food offer in a short circuit. Following a call for projects launched in June 2021, it was the project “Ma Salade à Toit”, led by Grégory Schepard, which was selected in March 2022. Objectives of this project? ” Promote the revitalization and greening of the slab and make it a unifying place dedicated to food and ecology “, responds the City.

The project will invest a space of 5,000 m². The main activity of this urban farm will be market gardening. It should thus produce, each year, more than 52,000 mixed salads and approximately 9.1 tons of vegetables. Fresh products that will be found in the seasonal dishes and menus that will be offered in the catering space next to the urban farm. Urban farm that will defend an agriculture ” ecological and virtuous » by using permaculture, economical management of resources, the recovery of biowaste into compost, and organic fertilizers.

The future urban farm. © ORRSO

Cost of the project: 2.4 million euros financed by the City, the State, the Greater Paris Metropolis and the Water Agency. But the inhabitants of the town and its visitors will have to wait a little longer before enjoying it. The operating work should start next September for an opening of the urban farm planned for spring 2025.

A necessary commitment

So many projects that enrich the greening of Noisy-le-Grand where green spaces cover 36% of the surface area of ​​the commune and where 2,500 trees have been planted since 2015. An asset for the living environment of Noiséens that the city is keen to protect, to fight against global warming and protect biodiversity “, defends the mayor (LR) Brigitte Marsigny. Cities have indeed a major role to play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. According to the National Forestry Office, the world’s major cities emit more than 60% of carbon dioxide at the global level. A figure that would continue to increase with the acceleration of urbanization.

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