New exhibitions

July 4, 2024

New exhibitions

The City of Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville is proud to present, at the Centre d’exposition du Vieux Presbytère, the exhibitions of three Montarville artists: Ginette Coutu, Mariane Moisan and Aidan Warnock. They will be held from July 14 to August 18, 2024, offering visitors a unique opportunity to discover inspiring and moving creations.

“These exhibitions represent the richness and diversity of artistic creativity in our community. We are honoured to be able to present the work of these talented artists and to share their stories and inspirations with our citizens and visitors,” says Ludovic Grisé Farand, Mayor of Saint-Bruno.

“We hope that citizens will take advantage of the summer season to come to the Vieux Presbytère! Remember that, as part of the Midis-culture, the Vieux Presbytère will be open during dinner to allow citizens to combine their break with the discovery of these exhibitions” emphasizes Hélène Ringuet, councilor of district 6 and responsible for culture.

Creating to stop time, that’s my lifeby Ginette Coutu

After going through significant personal challenges, Ginette Coutu found in textile creation a way to express her emotions and respond to the desires of her late partner, her biggest fan. Her work reflects a deep personal journey, exploring new materials and subjects to express the feelings that drive her. Each work is a tribute to resilience and transformation.

Winner of a scholarship in the 2023 edition of the local artists and artisans competition, Ginette Coutu distinguished herself with her work “A moment of silence”. Her artistic journey is marked by a quest for meaning and beauty in moments of transition in life.

Final self-portrait, Ginette Coutu

Weave Kiss Offerby Mariane Moisan

Mariane Moisan draws her inspiration from the daily work of hands and the serenity of a life that quietly blossoms. Her works, drawn, engraved and shaped, evoke a soothing poetry and a deep reflection on protected inner activities, symbolized by nests, eggs and shells. Each piece tells a story of tranquility and contemplation.

The work of the hands and the tranquility of everyday life are central themes in the artist’s works. She creates forms imbued with soothing poetry, offering the viewer a moment of reflection and serenity.

Weave Kiss Offer, Mariane Moisan

Reflectionsd’Aidan Warnock

Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh, Aidan Warnock uses dreams as a gateway to imaginary worlds where peace and reflection reign. His works incorporate red and gold drapes, symbols of continuity and presence, and clouds that add a dreamlike and surreal dimension. This fusion of elements connects the artist to nature and the contemplation of existence.

Self-taught and influenced by masters such as Dürer, Seurat and Turner, Aidan Warnock is a native of Ireland whose art and music bridge the gap between nostalgia for his homeland and the beauty of Quebec. His works reflect a deep connection between his roots and his current environment.

Quebec revisited, Aidan Warnock


The opening of the exhibitions will take place on July 14 from 1 p.m. at the Vieux Presbytère exhibition center. Citizens and art lovers are invited to meet the artists and discover their works in a friendly atmosphere.

About the Old Presbytery Exhibition Center

The Vieux Presbytère exhibition center aims to disseminate and promote contemporary art to the citizens of Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville and the region. To do this, it welcomes artists from all disciplines, in order to confirm its openness to all current trends. Artists from the immediate community and those from outside are welcomed there.

The Vieux Presbytère exhibition center is located at 15, rue des Peupliers, in Saint-Bruno. Admission is free and open to all.

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