Giuseppa in tears on social networks, “I feel…

Giuseppa in tears on social networks, “I feel…
Giuseppa in tears on social networks, “I feel…

By Aurélie H

– Published on 04 Jul 2024 at 20:00

This Thursday, July 4, Giuseppa expressed herself in tears on her social networks. The young woman really feels bad at the moment.

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It’s been a little over a month since Giuseppa became a mother for the second time. A little girl named Adrianna who brings joy to her parents. If at the beginning of her relationship with Paga, Giuseppa didn’t want to have children right away, she has been completely transformed by motherhood. The young woman devotes almost all of her time to her children. Her role as a mother is very important to her, but this Thursday, July 4, it began to weigh on her. Giuseppa wants to do things well so much that she puts a lot of pressure on herself. The young mother therefore feels like she is isolating herself from everyone to take care of her daughters… Worse still, she thinks that people are distancing themselves from her.

Giuseppa feels like no one wants to spend time with her

On her Snapchat story, Giuseppa filmed herself in her car and it was in tears that she expressed herself to her community. Paga’s wife felt the need to say everything that was on her heart. “There are times when things don’t go well, and since I gave birth, I take a lot of things in, I keep a lot to myself and I never really take time for myself to release the pressure (…) I feel rejected by everyone and by my former friends because since I gave birth, I no longer see anyone. (…) I feel like no one wants to spend time with me”she explained at first.

Giuseppa can no longer communicate with Paga

Giuseppa also explained that she had already expressed her discomfort to Paga. But every time she talked, it turned sour. “Every time I talk to him about it, it ends in an argument because he feels like I’m against him, it’s too hard to explain”she confessed before explaining that she had not had this feeling after her first delivery. The young woman then added: “I don’t feel really good, I feel really lonely. I resent all my friends, no one calls me to do stuff with me anymore, like I’m not interesting anymore because I became a mother.”

Jessica Thivenin and Manon Marsault present for Giuseppa

Si Giuseppa did not directly give a name, Jessica Thivenin and Manon Marsault do not seem to be concerned. On the day of the music festival, Giuseppa and Paga went to the Garcias. A moment that did the young mother a lot of good. More recently, Giuseppa also spent a lot of time with the Tanti couple. Between barbecues and going out to a restaurant: she was all smiles! No doubt that after reading Giuseppa’s stories, the two former candidates of Les Marseillais will do everything to cheer her up. But for now, Jessica Thivenin is on vacation with Thibault Garcia and their children. But it could well be that she sent a little message to Giuseppa to comfort her.



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