2024 Legislative Elections: The campaign between the two rounds is becoming tense before Sunday’s vote

2024 Legislative Elections: The campaign between the two rounds is becoming tense before Sunday’s vote
2024 Legislative Elections: The campaign between the two rounds is becoming tense before Sunday’s vote

While the candidates are still in campaign in 501 of 577 constituencies, after 76 first round electionsthe last days of the early legislative elections are marked by an increase in verbal and physical clashes. Candidates from the three blocs came first in the first round (RN and its allies, the New Popular Front and the presidential camp) were attacked while handing out leaflets or putting up posters this week. The establishment of a “republican front” to block the RN also annoys the party’s leaders.

Candidates attacked during leafleting or postering

On Wednesday evening, the government spokeswoman Prisca Thevenota candidate in Hauts-de-Seine, was the victim, along with her team, of an assault during a poster-pasting operation in Meudon. While the outgoing elected official was not injured, her substitute was injured in the arm and her vehicle was damaged. Four people were taken into custody, including three minors. Prisca Thevenot filed a complaint. “What happened is absolutely unspeakable. Democracy cannot be the object of attacks and aggression.”reacted Gabriel Attal on the move to Nevers (Nièvre).

In Savoie, an RN candidate Marie Dauchy filed a complaint after having been “violently attacked” Wednesday by a trader in a market. He was prescribed eight days of ITT, according to his party.

In Isère, former minister Olivier Véran denounced on Thursday the assault of a local elected official who was putting up posters for his campaignA 26-year-old man, who claims to have assaulted Bernard Dupre77 years old, deputy mayor of La Tronche, s‘East then returned to the Grenoble police station. France Blue Herault also indicates that a New Popular Front activist who was handing out leaflets in the Estanove district of Montpellier was violently attacked in his residence this Wednesday evening.

Increase in racist incidents

There are also reports of of an increase in incidents and racist insults in the country. Spitting in the face, threatening letters, insinuations in the workplace: France Bleu has collected several testimonies in Perpignan, Toulouse and Marseille.

Many RN candidates have also been singled out in recent days for their remarks, particularly xenophobic or anti-Semitic. Asked about the subject, Marine Le Pen made a distinction between “remarks which are unacceptable and which will most certainly result in sanctions” et “words that are clumsy” It front of “grand inquisitors of the press”. The RN candidates are “good people” Who “are running because the National Assembly must reflect France, not Sciences Po”she defended.

The “Republican front” denounced by the RN

This tense climate is also fuelled by the tension created by the laborious deployment of “a republican front” against the National Rally. More than 220 candidates came in third in the first round decided to withdraw to prevent the election of a far-right candidate. Marine Le Pen denounced the establishment of a “unique part” of “those who want to retain power”, believing that RN voters “are treated like outcasts”. “The only plan of my opponents is to prevent me from coming to power,” also stated Jordan Bardella on the show Ma France on France Bleu on Wednesday. He pointed to a “alliance of dishonor” between the majority and the left.

Towards unrest on Sunday evening?

But this tension could lead to major unrest as early as Sunday evening. The government is preparing for this eventuality, without these unrests being clearly identified. Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin announced that “30,000 police officers and gendarmes, including 5,000 in Paris and its suburbs” would be mobilized.



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