“Griezmann is not depressed”

“Griezmann is not depressed”
“Griezmann is not depressed”

The French team coach faced the media on the eve of their Euro quarter-final clash against Portugal on Friday in Hamburg.

Special envoys to Hamburg

How he will replace the suspended Rabiot
“I have different solutions at my disposal, but you know that this is neither the time nor the hour to talk about them.”

The form of the Blues
“We made sure to optimize recovery, with a lot of work for the medical staff. On the physical level, we were able to respond to each match, perhaps a little less the third (against Poland).”

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The defensive work of the attackers
“I don’t have to persuade them, they do it, because that’s how it happens. Beyond the fact that we have defensive solidity, we have a much greater control than we had and also compared to our opponents. It’s interesting. We create opportunities but what’s more negative is our difficulty in being effective. Today, that was enough (to be in the quarter-finals), but given the level that is increasing, we must add better efficiency. It’s important.”

Kylian had a pre-Euro (at PSG and with his departure to Real Madrid) and the trauma (nose fracture) is not trivial. He feels good and is gaining momentum.

Didier Deschamps

Possession between the French and the Portuguese
“It’s a balance of power. Portugal has this ability. This team prefers to attack than defend. It will be a balance of power but we’ve already experienced it. The Netherlands are largely in control in normal times but were cautious against us, like Belgium. Will Portugal be too? If you have any information (smile). It’s a new equation, Portugal can play in different systems, I like Roberto Martinez, I know him well. We will try to have as much control as possible to impose on the opponent.”

Mbappé and Griezmann not at 100%
“This is the analysis that you can make today. These are not two similar cases. Kylian had a pre-Euro (at PSG and with his departure to Real Madrid) and the trauma (nose fracture) is not insignificant. He feels good and is gaining momentum. We will need a Kylian in shape. Antoine, in terms of volume, is always equal in figures and data. Afterwards, on the more technical and efficient part, it is lower than it could have been. We will need all our players to the maximum tomorrow (Friday) given the quality of the Portuguese team. I reassure you, he is not depressed.”

Portugal stronger than in 2016
“I don’t ask myself the question… She was strong and did what was necessary. It was painful for us… There is a place in the semis at stake. She is still as strong and is one of the favorites. We are in the quarters. The best are there. When they meet, there is only one place, we will make sure it is for us.”

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I don’t make changes for the sake of making changes. I’ve made few. Given the intensity, it’s not easy to get back in.

Didier Deschamps

Thuram’s level of play
“I’m not here to judge what you can say or write, you do your job. The most important thing is what I tell them directly. Whether you are harsh or too harsh. If we go back a little, we were conceding too many goals, it’s no longer relevant. We have to talk about other subjects… Whether it’s Antoine (Griezmann) or Marcus (Thuram), there are positive things, they are supposed to have improved. It doesn’t just depend on them either.”

Why does it make little change
“I don’t make changes for the sake of making changes. I’ve made few. Given the intensity, it’s not easy to come on. We saw it in the first two matches, even though Kolo Muani came on in the last one (and forced the Belgian defence to score an own goal, Editor’s note). As long as those on the pitch don’t show any signs of fatigue… But when I have to do it, I do it.”

If Ronaldo remains a threat
“Yes. As he always has been. He wants to win, be decisive, score goals, he has that and he will always keep that. He has aged (39 years old) but he remains a very great competitor.”

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If the French team is divisive
“There is a popular craze. Some may be less happy but I see almost only very happy people, even if it was not very open and more tactical. It is not always football to win 5-4… To experience such emotions and share them with the supporters, more and more numerous at the stadium and in front of the TV… The criticism, you do your job. The criticism has always been part of my daily life, as a player, coach or selector. A few years ago, I do not say that I experienced it in the same way… But that does not prevent me from living very well and serenely.”

His view on Portugal-France
“I don’t know if it will be the same, but these are very high-level matches. It can be decided by very little. There is quality on both sides. We are among the best European teams. It will be a big match tomorrow, historically, it has always been close scores. But at this stage of the competition, it is rare that there is a big gap. It is a big quarter-final match, like there will be one before us at 6pm (Spain-Germany).”



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