Young talents not to be missed at the Avignon festival!

Young talents not to be missed at the Avignon festival!
Young talents not to be missed at the Avignon festival!

The Avignon Off Festival opened a few days ago and it is with no less than 1684 shows staged just for you that the festival has gone out of its way to offer you the cream of the crop. Here we offer you a selection of shows performed by young talents that you absolutely must discover!

The story of a mother’s daughter who becomes the mother of a daughter who will not be a mother by and with Émilie Alfieri
From July 2 to 21 – At 10:50 a.m. – Théâtre des Lila’s, 8 rue Londe

A woman welcomes the child she has just given birth to. It is a girl and it is a disappointment. She was expecting a boy. A birth that will leave a bitter taste in her heart to the point of contaminating future generations. What do we keep from our childhood beliefs? How do we build our adult being and what are we preparing to pass on in turn, as parents?
The story of a mother’s daughter who becomes the mother of a daughter who will not be a mother presents the issues of intergenerational transmission and the weight of family, social and cultural heritage through three portraits of women who are as funny and offbeat as they are scathing and crazy. Beyond the mother-daughter relationship, the text addresses more broadly the question of ordinary educational violence in parenthood and its consequences on identity construction.

More information and book here

Yvonne, or my generation Y by and with Clothilde Aubert
From June 29 to July 21 – At 6:10 p.m. – La Factory / Chapelle des Antonins, 5 rue figuière

Screwed into an armchair that she hasn’t left for a while, Yvonne, 30, rewinds the tape of her life. Plunged into the disillusionment of the world around her, her only prophet is the renowned astrologer Rob Brezsny. When he invites her to a little introspection, she decides, not without self-mockery, to tell us about her journey through the major events that have marked the 80s to the present day. Yvonne is the story of a generation. Generation Y. A generation that is struggling to find its way between revolution and decadence.

More information and book here

Gary In Front Of You by Vincent Gaillard
With Xavier Lemaire, Laurence Porteil, Barthélemy Heran
From June 29 to July 21 – At 3 p.m. – Balcon Theater, 38 rue Guillaume Puy

Gary Before Us is the story revisited by Vincent Gaillard of the craziest literary imposture! That of Romain Gary, winner of the 1956 Goncourt Prize for The Roots of Heaventhen again the Goncourt prize in 1974 for The life ahead under the pseudonym of Emile Ajar.
In 1973, Romain Gary informed Jean Seberg of his intention to fool the whole of literary Paris by publishing his new novel under the pseudonym of Émile Ajar, his avatar as a novice writer. Soon overwhelmed by the success of the creature he had engendered, and despite the warnings of a Jean Seberg struggling with her melancholy, Gary pushed the mystification up a notch by asking his nephew Paul Pawlovitch to embody Ajar in the eyes of the public and critics…
The play delights in this confrontation of egos between these three personalities. The spectator follows this with suspense… A playful, tasty and very captivating show.

More information, teaser and book here

Victor HuGOAT: No. 1 in French Rap by and with Bathélemy Heran
From July 2 to 23 – At 6:05 p.m. – Au Bout Là-Bas Theater, 23 rue Noël Biret

“In life I have two passions: Victor Hugo and Rap.
Incompatible, really?”
Recently, Bart had a revelation: if Victor Hugo had lived today, he would have been the best rapper. The world had to know. How? By creating a rap song to tell the story of the Man of the Century.
Mixing humorous conference, rap & gallery of characters, BART explores the life of Victor Hugo in order to construct, verses after choruses, the final biographical rap. With the public, they will recreate the battle of Hernani, mourn the death of his daughter, vibrate during his political speeches and dialogue with the master himself! With a few guest stars who came to lend a hand: Jul, Nekfeu, PNL, Gazo, Soprano…

This show was awarded the Jury Prize at the ICART 2024 stage.

More information, teaser and book here

From July 3 to 21, 2024 – At 2:50 p.m. – Cinévox, 22 place de l’horloge

Who has never burst out laughing while watching someone fall apart? Nobody.
That’s why Mélodie decided to tell you everything: her past in the North, her psychic’s predictions, her past lives, her attempts, her failures, her stumbles, her perineal rehabilitation. We’ll tell you everything.
A show about real life, real people, and their pretenses.

“A fierce, ultra-cheeky, modern and terribly funny little gem” – Télérama

More information, teaser and book here

Scenes of body and mind by and with Antonia de Rendinger
From July 5 to 21 – At 11:50 a.m. – La Scala Provence – Room 100

In the great cycle of life, the mysterious organization of the cosmos, there are events that, like comets feverishly awaited by specialists, only recur every 4, 6, 8 years. This is the case with the shows of Antonia de Rendinger, who after having traveled the world with her last one-woman show returns with a new work that is even more sparkling, demanding and brilliant than the previous one (Yes, yes, it is possible)… a wealth of new characters, delicate and delicately chosen subjects (for example, she promises not to talk about corona, confinement, how classy…), sublime texts, a sober and intelligent staging: this opus brings together all these ingredients! You will come out of it happy if not grown up! The relevance of her writing, her perfect sense of rhythm, it’s certain, Antonia is a beast on stage, in Body and Mind.

“A stunning performance! A show of great mastery” – Le Parisien
“Enjoyable! The comedian-actress has never excelled as much as in this new opus” – Télérama TTT

More information, teaser and book here

We wish you a very good festival!



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