The incredible journey of this high school teacher

The incredible journey of this high school teacher
The incredible journey of this high school teacher

For nearly four years, he has been making the internet laugh with his videos where he parodies his students. Now a Tik Tok star, Timothée Curado, a teacher from Clermont-Ferrand, has taken on a new challenge: going on stage.

“The class clown”. No, this is not the assessment left in the correspondence notebook of a somewhat scattered student. It is in fact the nickname given to Timothée Curado, a most atypical teacher by… his own students. A physics and chemistry teacher in a high school in Clermont-Ferrand, Timothée Curado is a real star of social networks. The 30-year-old teacher has nearly 2 million subscribers, all social networks combined. Making his students laugh is done. Making the internet laugh is done. Timothée Curado is taking on a new challenge: making a real audience laugh through a stage show.

After being a teacher, TikToker, YouTuber and writer, the Clermont native can add a line to his CV: that of humorist. A stroke of fate, according to him: “One day, I was interviewed by La Montagne, a local newspaper. They asked me about my future projects. And I said that making people laugh in real life could be a fun adventure. A theater director and a producer read the article and contacted me. They offered me to write a show, develop it and put it on stage. In 4 years, I went from videos made to make my loved ones laugh to a show on stage in front of hundreds of people, it’s incredible”.

The teacher became known in 2020. Confined like the majority of French people during the Covid period, Timothée Curado tries to find something to do. So he scrolls on social networks: “I came across TikTok videos of people talking about their job so I thought that teacher, that spoke to everyone”.

Now, the teacher publishes an average of two videos per day, sometimes viewed millions of times. Imitations and other caricatures are the spice of the chemistry teacher’s humor. “I don’t like serious lessons, he confesses. I am unable to work seriously for two hours. When I see students who are very serious, I try to lighten the mood by making a joke or a prank. At the end of the year, students tell me: ‘Sir, you are worse than us’. This proves that you can laugh while learning things.”.

In his videos, he tells his best anecdotes, he dances, puts himself on stage and sometimes makes fun of his students, but all with “kindness“. So there’s no question of that changing on stage. The subject of his show? Again and again, the teachers and his students. “It’s a humor that touches all generations. Even if we’re no longer at school, we’ve all been there. The goal is to bring back memories. It’s a real source of inspiration. There’s a lot to say” But the professor still wants to bring something different: “I don’t want to copy and paste my videos on stage. I want people to discover something else. I want to convey messages differently. That’s the challenge of the show.” He adds : “We very rarely talk about education in a positive way. We talk about strikes, absenteeism, reforms, teachers who have too many holidays and who never work,… There is a rather negative image that emerges from the teaching profession, and this is partly due to a lack of vocation. Today, we no longer want to become teachers, even though it is not just that.”.

The “big kid”30-year-old wants to swap his smartphone for a microphone. Whether in front of a camera or on stage, the man assures that he always has the same confidence, despite a slight fear. He owes it to the most “beautiful job in the world“, according to him :

When you want to go on stage, being a teacher is an asset. In reality, we are on stage every day in front of 35 students. This helped me a lot during rehearsals.

Timothy Curado

Prof et star de Tik Tok

But this time, the teacher will have to make laugh, not his thirty students, but 260 people in the Comédie des Volcans, one of the performance halls of the Auvergne capital. Timothée Curado is impatient: “I hope to feel that extra something once I’m on stage. Seeing ‘laughing out loud’ emojis in the comments and hearing people laughing in front of us are two completely different things. I can’t wait to hear the laughter.”.

On the poster for his show, Timothée Curado puts himself in the shoes of his students. A way of saying that he has kept his childlike soul: “When I write sketches for my show, I remember myself, the student. Teachers have left their mark on me, with their particular facial expressions. And I have the impression that we find it from one teacher to another. We say to ourselves that sports teachers are all the same. And that’s what’s funny in reality. When I became a teacher, I didn’t realize that I had taken on the facial expressions of the other chemistry teachers. Even when we grow up, we remain big kids. We tend to forget that we were teenagers. This is even more true when we are teachers.

The teacher is encouraged by his students. Some have even confessed to him “having taken places” to see his one man show. One thing is sure, on September 28 and 29, laughter should be there.



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