Attractiveness: The Swiss population validates tourism

Attractiveness: The Swiss population validates tourism
Attractiveness: The Swiss population validates tourism

Swiss population approves tourism

78% of Swiss people say they are proud of the country’s attractiveness. The economic benefits are appreciated, even if overtourism is a concern for residents of the most visited areas.


Published today at 5:07 p.m.

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The study by Switzerland Tourism (ST) and the Conference of Directors of Regional Tourist Offices of Switzerland (CDR) on the perception of tourism by the population reveals that the phenomenon is apparently well, or even very well, accepted and perceived by the population. According to the detailed press release of the institution, a small gray area nevertheless hangs locally over the inhabitants of the most visited areas: for them, the effects of overtourism are being felt.

Conducted nationwide by Zurich-based market research firm Insight Institute AG, the survey reveals that the vast majority of the population sees positive aspects of the country’s visitor reception: 78% say they are proud that so many travellers choose Switzerland as a destination. Direct economic benefits, particularly through employment, are regularly cited by respondents, as are indirect benefits, such as the development of infrastructure and diverse and attractive cultural or leisure facilities.

In terms of concerns, respondents – primarily residents of tourist centres – particularly target five negative consequences of the influx of visitors: inflation (10.4%), pollution and waste (9.7%), traffic problems (9.6%), the scarcity of housing (9.4%) and damage to nature and the environment (8.4%).

Regarding overtourism, Martin Nydegger, Director of Switzerland Tourism, emphasizes that it is not a constant and omnipresent phenomenon across the entire territory: “The phenomena in this country are temporary and local bottlenecks, well known to the industry and to ST. We take these situations very seriously on the ground. We do not develop our tourism by ignoring the population. We want to involve them.”

According to ST, the country’s tourism development model and diversified marketing strategy – both in terms of activities and regions – tends “to ensure that tourism continues to operate in harmony with the population in the future.”

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