LEGISLATIVE Around his many supporters, Michel Sala at a meeting in Alès

This Wednesday evening, a few days before the end of the campaign for the second round of the early legislative elections, the New Cévennes Popular Front mobilized its forces around the candidacy of Michel Sala, outgoing deputy of the fifth constituency, in an unfavorable ballot after finishing second in the first round, behind Alexandre Allegret-Pilot, LR-RN candidate.

In this last hurrah, it was a question of loudly proclaiming one’s total support for the candidacy of Michel Sala and his deputy Irène Lebeau, mayor of Dourbies. More than 200 people gathered in the Espace Cazot in Alès, among whom were political, associative and union figures from the Alès basin, united in their resolute support for the outgoing deputy of the fifth constituency. Each of the speakers took the floor to justify their support for Michel Sala and to display a firm unanimity against the National Rally, represented in the second round by Alexandre Allegret-Pilot.

“Opposed to us is the candidate of the National Rally (LR-RN, Editor’s note), who came from nowhere and who didn’t even bother to go to the constituency before the first debate. In the meantime, he put himself on display in a video with the sound of cicadas in the background. The maneuver is crude, but I think he arrived safely!”

Michel Sala, candidate in the fifth constituency of Gard, about his political opponent on Sunday.

Among them were departmental councillor Patrick Malavieille, departmental co-secretary of SNUipp-FSU of Gard Myriam Vermale, regional councillor Régis Bayle, mayor of Anduze Geneviève Blanc, mayor of Montpezat Jean-Michel Andriuzzi, as well as Elsa Mas, municipal councillor of Saint-Jean-du-Gard. Also speaking were the departmental representative of Génération.s Gard Sébastien Espagne, Martine Sagit, general secretary of the local CGT union, Giovanni Di Francesco, representative of the Alès communists, and Didier Marion, spokesperson for the Confédération paysanne du Gard.

Michel Sala, this Wednesday evening in Alès. • Photo Louis Valat

Each speaker recalled the history of the Cévennes, emphasizing its past marked by left-wing struggles. Geneviève Blanc, mayor of Anduze, spoke with emotion about her own journey. Elsa Mas, for her part, deplored having been harassed at a recent public meeting, not only for her ideas, but also because of her gender. Faced with the argument often put forward that “We have never tried them (the RN, Editor’s note)”members of the Cévenol Popular Front highlighted their own experience. Régis Bayle, regional councilor of Occitanie and president of the community of communes of Pays Viganais, stressed that the elected representatives of the National Rally have been put to the test for years in various municipalities, communities, as well as at the regional and departmental levels. Criticizing the flattering image of RN elected representatives “in suits and ties”he added that the first results of this test, not necessarily to their advantage, are now visible and assessable.

The appeal of Catherine Daufès-Roux

During the meeting, while the candidate who came third in these legislative elections in the 5th constituency, Catherine Daufès-Roux, had expressed in our columns that she did not support the National Rally in this second round. She took care to bring a letter in support of Michel Sala and to display her position even more clearly: ” Faced with the surge of the National Rally that came out of the ballot boxes, I sincerely believe that, unlike in 2022 where my blank vote was followed by more than 5,000 voters, today it is essential to bring a counter-power within the hemicycle, and this in a concern for the balance of forces present. The RN is a bloc that will have a certain power. Faced with the risk, it is imperative that other sensitivities are strong. Also, my choice will not fall on a blank vote and will lead me to support the New Popular Front, hoping that our votes will oblige them.



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