“Young people from the neighborhoods are French citizens like any others”

“Young people from the neighborhoods are French citizens like any others”
“Young people from the neighborhoods are French citizens like any others”

Yes baby, so, is it working? This is the unusual sentence with which Boulaya 242, whose real name is Samba Pierchelvic, begins each of his videos. This content creator from Blois was no exception to the rule when he decided to pick up his phone on May 28 to talk about the European elections.

A video that has accumulated 14 million views

In an offbeat and humorous way, Boulaya presents each French party candidate for the European Parliament. The unique expressions of this youth center host in Molineuf quickly become viral and the video has garnered nearly 14 million views on X (ex-Twitter). “It is probably the best political analysis of the last twenty years”jokes an Internet user. “It’s better that he stays in humor”replies another user.

No matter. Boulaya reiterates for the legislative elections and calls for the vote of the working-class neighborhoods, over-represented among the abstainers. “We are French citizens like the others. Many of us live in the neighborhoods. It is our right and only voting can change things.”

However, the 34-year-old was not always interested in politics. He stopped attending high school and failed to obtain his vocational baccalaureate in commerce. “I’ve taken some strange paths. I’m not proud of it. My mother wasn’t either. Now I have a job and a family. Everything is fine.”confides the man who had to leave Congo Brazzaville at the age of 9, because of the civil war.

From Fanon to Renaud

But something clicks. Samba Pierchelvic deepens his passion for history and geography. He reads Frantz Fanon (a figure of anti-colonialism), listens to Renaud and devours documentaries byuntil and of National Geographic. “I’m a down-to-earth person. I like to learn about what’s around me.” The cosmetics entrepreneur also admits that the birth of his first child in 2015 increased his political awareness.

A few years later, it was during the Covid-19 pandemic that he made his first videos. “I was bored and my friend Niro (rapper whose five albums have been certified gold) something: You’re articulate, you’re playful, go for it!” That’s when people started following my nonsense.

A feeling of distrust towards elected officials

In his videos, Boulaya does not mince his words towards those he calls the « politicards » : “We only see the elected officials at election time. They are only there for their own interests, he castigates. Young people from the suburbs do not feel represented, whether on the right or the left.”

A finding that tends to get worse, according to the content creator, due to previous elections: “I feel judgmental looks.” According to him, the cause is the speeches of certain candidates of the National Rally across the country. “We know what this party is about capable. I do not forget everything that has been said. France is a country of diversity, he continues. No matter who the candidate is in the elections, I will always vote against the RN.”

It remains to be seen whether his calls for a vote will carry weight among the 77,000 abstainers from Loir-et-Cher for the second round of the legislative elections, this Sunday, July 7.



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