Bas-Rhin: a tornado lifts and propels several vehicles in a parking lot: News

On Wednesday, July 3, a tornado hit the parking lot of a supermarket in the town of Brumath, propelling and causing significant damage to parked vehicles. However, no casualties were reported, reports France 3.

A scene worthy of a disaster movie. This is what is reported France 3Wednesday July 3, which indicates that a short-term weather incident caused damage to the parking lot of a supermarket in Brumath, in the Bas-Rhin.

In detail, it would be a tornado, as suspected by Météo Suivi Alsace, which confirmed the entity of the phenomenon after being able to consult and publish an amateur video taken at the time of the events. If no one seems to have been a victim of the whirlwind, at least three cars present in the parking lot were lifted and swept away by its power, underlines France 3.

Insured vehicles

According to a witness whose business is located nearby, the vehicles, lifted almost 20 meters from the ground “fell from the sky”. “They were moved 15 meters. Two vehicles were scrapped, the others are repairable.”he explained. The three vehicles were new loaner cars, costing 15,000 euros each, the channel said. Another was a collateral victim. However, these damaged cars are fully insured.

According to Keraunosthe French Observatory of Tornadoes and Violent Storms, “the last tornado in the Bas-Rhin department dates back to May 4, 2022”. “The Brumath tornado formed under a small, active but non-stormy convective cell, which appeared in the area in a context of unstable westerly flow”also provided more technical details on the specialist site.

published on July 4 at 11:10 a.m., Théo Rampazzo, 6Medias




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