dramatic turn of events 1 year after the tragedy that shook France, “There was no…”

dramatic turn of events 1 year after the tragedy that shook France, “There was no…”
dramatic turn of events 1 year after the tragedy that shook France, “There was no…”

His death shook France. For some, he is the symbol of police violence, for others that of a disillusioned youth. For Mounia Merzouk, it is her 17-year-old son, who died on June 27, 2023 in Nanterre after being shot by the police. This Thursday, July 4, more than a year after death of the adolescent, BFMTV reveals the contents of the report produced after Nahel’s death.

Following the death of the 17-year-old teenager, Florian M., the police officer who fired the shot, was placed in pre-trial detention for 4 months. Today, released under judicial supervision, he awaits his trial for “voluntary homicide”. A judgment that will have to be based on the results of the report which stipulate that:there was no danger imminent“for the police.”The steering wheel was not turned towards them (…) there was no risk of crushing, the acceleration was of low intensity“, says the accident expert.

Death of Nahel in Nanterre: did the teenager speed up to lose the police?

In this 150-page report, we learn that the acceleration of Nahel’s vehicle was confirmed by experts. An acceleration that would be good because of the teenager. Indeed, from the beginning of the investigation, two versions were opposed. The first suggested that the teenager, “stunned or frightened, had released the brake pedal, causing the car to restart against his will. The second that Nahel had restarted, refusing to obey the orders of the police officers who told him not to leave”, our colleagues remind us.

Thus, according to the report, the vehicle’s movement is the result of the driver’s desire to “try to leave by performing four successive actions to restart the vehicle whose engine had been cut off”. Nahel therefore supported on the car’s start button while holding the brake pedal down and accelerating with your foot after engaging the “D” mode of the automatic transmission.

Photo credit: DR

Death of Nahel, 17: Did the police strike the teenager in the face before the fatal shooting?

The physical violence that Nahel allegedly suffered was also analyzed. Indeed, the teenager’s passengers and witnesses to the scene claimed that the police officers had hit the driver, who did not have a license, in the face and head. However, according to the medical examiner, who was present at the reconstruction of the teenager’s death, “no bruising of the face or skull”, it is no wound have not been observed.

If blows were struck on the victim, they were blows that did not leave any visible marks, and therefore were not heavy (brushing).”, explains the forensic expert in his report and adds: “This type of blow cannot ‘stun’ the victim to the point of causing him to lose control of his movements.”.

Nahel killed by fatal police shooting: doubts that remain after the experts’ report

The expert report also states that the
car chase
between the police and Nahel did indeed take place in the streets of Nanterre. The vehicle “was driven
in a dangerous way due to excessive speed compared to the configuration
“. According to the experts, the teenager drove on average at 69.5 km/h, going over 90 km/h 6 times and reaching a maximum speed of 116 km/h.

crédit photo : shutterstock

In this case, gray areas remain. Several witnesses have claimed to have heard one of the two police officers shout “Shoot” during the tragedy. Officials, for their part, claim that they said “Cut” (the engine, editor’s note). Analysis of the audio and video recordings has not yet revealed the truth about the last words spoken before the tragedy.



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