end of police custody of Mayor Yves Juhel without any prosecution

end of police custody of Mayor Yves Juhel without any prosecution
end of police custody of Mayor Yves Juhel without any prosecution

After 38 hours in police custody, the mayor of Menton left the premises of the Auvare barracks in Nice. At this stage, no prosecution has been brought against him according to his lawyer. The investigation concerns the so-called “Menton ports” affair, involving expense reports of around 700,000 euros.

On Wednesday July 3 at 9 p.m., the custody of the mayor of Menton was lifted.

At the end of these 38 hours (including one night) spent in the Auvare barracks in Nice, Yves Juhel was able to return home, as his lawyer, Maître Philippe Soussi, confirmed to us: “Police custody has been lifted, but at this stage no proceedings have been initiated against him.”. And to add: “I will not address the substance of this case out of respect for the confidentiality of the investigation, but I can say that the mayor is satisfied to have been able to explain himself and answer the perfectly legitimate questions of the investigators. I can also say that everything in this case leads me to believe that we are in the presence of a lamentable political settling of scores.”.

Police custody has been lifted, without any proceedings having been initiated against him at this stage.”

Philippe Soussi, lawyer for Yves Juhel, mayor of Menton.

At France 3 Côte d’Azur.

Yves Juhel was taken into custody on the morning of Tuesday, July 2. At the same time, investigators from the interregional jurisdiction specializing in the fight against crime and organized delinquency (Jirs) in Marseille began a search of his home.

Magistrates from the Court of Auditors have entered the Town Hall to consult a certain number of accounting documents.

The investigation concerns the SPL affair, Société des Ports de Menton. It is attempting to clarify the existence of dubious expense reports, amounting to approximately 700,000 euros.

In the background, campaign financing of Mayor Yves Juhel in 2022.

The investigation was prompted by an audit that directly implicated Mathieu Messina, the former CEO of the local public company, former deputy for finance for Mayor Yves Juhel, and also former campaign manager for candidate Juhel. Yves Juhel then spoke of “betrayal”.

Even before the end of Yves Juhel’s police custody, his former friends, who have become his opponents, spoke out, while stressing that they respect the presumption of innocence. This is the case of Stéphanie Jacquot.

In September 2023, when she was Yves Juhel’s second deputy, Stéphanie Jacquot was suddenly removed from all her delegations after having, in the municipal council, requested clarification on the port file.

Today, a simple opposition municipal councilor, she calls on the mayor to resign.

The mayor of Menton, in view of the deplorable image given in the middle of the summer season, must resign from his post.

Stéphanie Jacquot, municipal councilor, former assistant to Yves Juhel

At France 3 Côte d’Azur

Stéphanie Jacquot also calls on the current members of the municipal majority to dissociate themselves from the mayor and to leave their positions.

The (now) opposition elected official contacted the prefect of the Alpes-Maritimes “so that he can set up a special commission of “wise men” who, until 2026, could manage the affairs of Menton and its economic development.”



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