Sydney Sweeney’s X account hacked to promote SWEENEY token

Sydney Sweeney’s X account hacked to promote SWEENEY token
Sydney Sweeney’s X account hacked to promote SWEENEY token

American actress Sydney Sweeney is the latest victim of a crypto hack. Sweeney’s X account was hacked to promote a memecoin.

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According to now-deleted posts on Sweeney’s profile, the attacker promoted the SWEENEY token, a Solana-based memecoin. The token was launched on July 2.

SWEENEY launched and dropped

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The attacker quickly began creating promotional posts in an attempt to entice Sweeney’s 1.1 million X-rated followers to join in on the hype.

One of the promotional items read:

Well I think it’s about time… $sweeney is now live, 100mc in.

Meanwhile, another post mentioned a live session on X Spaces, something the industry has seen celebrities do when launching their own themed tokens.

Source : Sydney Sweeney X.

However, the message turned out to be an attempt by the attacker to appear legitimate.

Within hours of its launch, SWEENEY reached a trading volume of over $10 million. Subsequently, the token’s price dropped by over 90% in just over an hour.

Data from DEX Screener shows that the token now has a market cap of $684,000.

Interestingly, a Telegram account was also promoted by the attacker on Sweeney’s X account. Following the token crash, the Telegram channel administrator took credit for the attack.

At the time of publication, the posts have been deleted. The group had over 750 members.

Additionally, the attacker also revealed his intention to target other celebrities, but did not mention any specific details.

This was the second time Sweeney’s account was hacked in 2024. In January, the actress’ account was compromised to promote another meme token called MILK.

Source : Smol News sur X.

However, it has not been confirmed whether the attack was carried out by the same hacker.

Hacker takes credit for other attacks

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The attacker also took credit for other recent hacks of celebrity accounts, including rapper 50 Cent and former professional wrestler Hulk Hogan.

On June 22, 50 Cent’s X account was hacked to promote the GUNIT memecoin, named after the hip-hop group the rapper founded. Shortly after the launch, about five accounts dumped $2.3 million worth of GUIT tokens.

Similarly, Hulk Hogan’s X account was compromised in early June. The attacker promoted the HULKAMANIA (HULK) token.

The token reached a market cap of $18.8 million, being abandoned shortly after. Five wallets reportedly control 15% of all tokens.

The recent attack follows several instances of pump-and-dump schemes involving celebrity-themed tokens.

Rapper “Rich the Kid,” Nigerian singer David Adedeji Adeleke Oon, and rapper Iggy Azalea are some of the notable names who have promoted memecoins on their X accounts.

The launch and subsequent price drop of these tokens was allegedly orchestrated by memecoin collaborator Sahil Arora.

This article was translated from English using artificial intelligence tools, then proofread and edited by a local translator.


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