Pinocchio enchants the Gérard Philipe theater in Orléans la Source

Pinocchio enchants the Gérard Philipe theater in Orléans la Source
Pinocchio enchants the Gérard Philipe theater in Orléans la Source

The children’s choirs and the instrumental ensemble of senior students from the Orléans Conservatory closed the year brilliantly during a very nice show given at the TGP d’Orléans La Source this Saturday, June 29: ” Pinocchio is still running » music by Romain Didier on a libretto by Pascal Mathieu.

“Pinocchio is still running” at TGP La Source on Saturday June 29. Photo AC Chapuis

By Anne-Cécile Chapuis

The TGP’s main stage hosted the Maitrise choir directed by Emilie Legroux. Accompanied by an instrumental ensemble composed of senior students, supported by the Echo adult choir and with the help of soloists from the singing class, the show was conducted by Clément Joubert.

The large audience did not miss the pleasure of hearing and seeing a well-executed show, both musical and scenic, full of enthusiasm and humor. A treat! The children had a great time, performing the scenes, singing in tutti, in ensembles, solo, and telling the universal but revisited story of Pinocchio.

A beautiful staging for a beautiful show. Photo ACC

An opera for young and old

Written by Carlo Collodi in 1883, the story is well-known, with the famous puppet and his nose that grows longer, but also with its characters, Gepetto, the fairy, the rascals. All are found in the original work written in 2006 by Romain Didier (author-composer-performer-orchestrator) on a text by Pascal Mathieu (poet and singer), which mixes classical tunes and songs, chorus refrains and verses entrusted to the soloists.

The musicians’ joy at the end of the show. Photo ACC

The music is there, the children and adults seize it and show their ability to engage in the show conducted under the precise and joyful baton of Clément Joubert.

The stage and lighting effects are skillfully measured, the story unfolds its dreams and intrigues, everyone gives their best and contributes to a convincing show which shows that learning music can rhyme with pleasure and fulfillment.

After the DEMOS shows or the Folies françoises with the CHAM classes, it is comforting to see young people take ownership of so-called classical music and perform quality performances. Bravo to the teachers who know how to lead them on these paths of artistic requirement, the approach to ensemble music and, ultimately, the experience of shared pleasure.

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