Scandals at the RN: Jordan Bardella admits that “it can happen” that “there are black sheep” in the ranks: News

In an interview for France Bleu on Wednesday July 3, Jordan Bardella acknowledged that the RN counts “black sheep” in its ranks after several scandals caused by candidates nominated for the legislative elections.

Jordan Bardella acknowledged that “can happen” that the RN has “black sheep” in its ranks, in an interview for France Bleu on Wednesday, July 3. A statement that comes after several scandals caused by party candidates invested for these legislative elections. Like Ludivine Daoudi, in Calvados, who was asked to withdraw on Tuesday after a photo of her wearing a Luftwaffe non-commissioned officer’s cap with a swastika resurfaced, and Annie Bell, candidate in Mayenne who had been convicted in 1995 for an armed hostage-taking.

Faced with these “black sheep”Jordan Bardella said he “does not have a shaking hand” and that he has “wanted to withdraw the investiture from people of whom (he) had no knowledge”. In the rest of the interview, he did not fail to criticize the media: “Sometimes the press has police resources (…) because you have to know that there are journalists whose job is to investigate all day, all day long, the candidates, the substitutes, the substitutes’ grandmother, the substitutes’ grandmother’s baker.”

Jordan Bardella denies lack of investigation into his candidates

Far from acknowledging a lack of thorough investigation by his party’s candidates, Jordan Bardella explains that they had to “invest 577 candidates in less than 48 hours” after the dissolution of the National Assembly on Sunday June 9 and that “in 99.9% of cases there was absolutely no difficulty.” Finally, for the leader of the RN, “What must be judged is the reaction of the political party” and he stressed the fact that he did not “I have never had any tolerance for comments that I consider to be contrary to my convictions and especially to the political line that I defend.”

published on July 3 at 7:22 p.m., Capucine Trollion, 6Medias




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