Relive the “Vive les Vacances” network evening with Info 83!

Relive the “Vive les Vacances” network evening with Info 83!
Relive the “Vive les Vacances” network evening with Info 83!

On June 20, 2024, the splendid Batterie du Cap Nègre in Six-Fours-les-Plages hosted an unforgettable evening under the theme “Vive les Vacances”. Organized by Dany Rausch, the city of Six-Fours les Plages for the venue, in collaboration with theUnion Patronale du Var (UPV), this fourth edition brought together local professionals for a dynamic and festive networking evening.

From 6:30 pm, guests were welcomed with a cocktail dinner prepared by a local caterer, offering a refined selection of food and drinks. The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly, encouraging exchanges and professional meetings.

The planned entertainment captivated the participants throughout the evening. One of the big surprises of the event was the appearance of two international stars whose names had been kept secret. Their presence added a touch of excitement and prestige to the evening, making this event a memorable moment for all present.

Jean Schultheis sang his hit Confidence for confidence.
Patrick Hernandez made us dance to his famous hit Bor To Be Alive

Loyal partners, including the AGPM group, the Métro group, BFMTV, the Tressol Chabrier group (Alfa, Opel, Jeep and Fiat), Klésia, Crédit Mutuel, Radio Mistral, Info83, JBM Annonces, and many others, once again gave their unwavering support, contributing to the success of this evening.

The raffle was also a sensation, allowing several lucky people to leave with attractive prizes. The “chic in sneakers” dress code added a casual note, allowing participants to feel comfortable while remaining elegant.

In summary, the “Vive les Vacances” networking evening was a great success, combining networking opportunities and moments of relaxation in an idyllic setting on the Mediterranean coast. The organizers have already announced a next back-to-school evening scheduled for September 5, 2024, promising even more surprises and opportunities for professional meetings.

To relive the highlights of this evening, do not hesitate to watch our video report available on social networks and YouTube. Do not miss the opportunity to participate in future events and strengthen your professional network in a warm and caring atmosphere.

See you soon for new meetings!

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