Dissolution of the National Assembly: Emmanuel Macron’s father breaks his silence: News

Jean-Michel Macron, father of the head of state, reveals to Dauphine having heard about the dissolution two months before the European elections. It was his son who had confided this to him, admitting that he was seriously considering it during a family lunch.

Emmanuel Macron caused a shockwave by announcing the dissolution of the National Assembly after the results of the European elections. He surprised a lot of people, including in his own camp. His father, however, expected it. In the columns of DauphineWednesday July 3, Jean-Michel Macron admits that his son had “talked about the dissolution two months before” during a one-on-one lunch. “He believed that the National Assembly had become ungovernable.”he adds.

The dissolution has nevertheless opened the way for the extreme right to take power. Jean-Michel Macron does not want that. He even fears it. “I’m afraid that the National Rally will come to power”he confides, before adding: “Now, if the French want it, they will try it out. They will see the result.” According to him, “It is better for France to experience this for two years rather than five years”In other words, giving Matignon to Jordan Bardella now could prevent Marine Le Pen from taking the Élysée in 2027. “If the RN shows in two years that it is completely incapable of governing, we can hope that it will not go any further.” This is, it seems, also the opinion of Emmanuel Macron… “That’s a bit like what my son told me two months before the European elections.”

Jean-Luc Mélenchon? “He’s crazy,” assures Jean-Michel Macron

Regarding the withdrawal of Macronist candidates in favor of those of the New Popular Front to block the RN, Jean-Michel Macron is taking a case-by-case approach. In the 1st constituency of the Somme, he welcomed the withdrawal of Albane Branlant, Ensemble candidate who came third behind RN candidate Nathalie Ribeiro-Billet and LFI MP François Ruffin.

“I like François Ruffin. He is a good MP. He has a fairly open mind, even if he is sometimes excessive and provocative.”believes Jean-Michel Macron, “but there are worse than him”. Worse, like Jean-Luc Mélenchon? “He’s crazy.” Rather than a neither LFI nor RN instruction, the father of the head of state seems rather aligned with a line neither Mélenchonist nor RN. If he were faced with such a duel in his own constituency, he would have a hard time choosing. “I would be very embarrassed because the Mélenchonists are unbearably rude.”

published on July 3 at 9:54 a.m., Maeliss Innocenti, 6Medias




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