Disruptions expected: here are the major construction sites planned on the Brussels Ring this summer (INFOGRAPHIC)

Disruptions expected: here are the major construction sites planned on the Brussels Ring this summer (INFOGRAPHIC)
Disruptions expected: here are the major construction sites planned on the Brussels Ring this summer (INFOGRAPHIC)

The Brussels Ring will not in fact have a summer break. Here are the main planned interventions.

©IPM Graphics

Major disruptions expected at the Léonard crossroads

Unsurprisingly, the Léonard crossroads remains and will remain a black spot on the Brussels ring road. After causing a political crisis between regions last spring, the construction site is continuing this summer with new disruptions, which are added to the already existing problems.

From 8 July, the Waterloo-Auderghem left turn will be closed. A closure which, like that of the Auderghem-Waterloo right turn in force since April, will last until the end of October. Motorists coming from Wallonia and wanting to reach Herrmann-Debroux are asked to continue their journey to Quatre-Bras and then turn around to take the E411 towards Brussels at the Léonard crossroads.

Carrefour Léonard works ©IPM Graphics

In addition, from next Monday, the Inner Ring tunnel will be closed until mid-September: traffic towards Waterloo will then have to circulate on the surface.significant delays“towards Wallonia are to be feared, with – estimates the Flemish administration – half an hour to three quarters of an hour lost.

Start of a major construction site at the airport

Further north, towards Zaventem, disruptions are expected at the intersection of the Ring with Avenue Léopold III (A201). As a reminder, a major construction site is looming at this location: a new interchange equipped with intelligent traffic lights will be built at this intersection serving the airport. This summer, “preparatory work” is planned.

Project for the Brussels Ring interchange with the A201 at Zaventem ©De Werkvennootschap

“The connection from the Ring to the R22 will be closed from the beginning of July and the signalling will be put in place during the summer months. Towards the end of the summer or the beginning of September, we will already demolish the bridge over the Ring. With the exception of the connection to the R22, no movements will be closed“, we inform the Working Company.

From 7 July, the connection between the airport and the boulevard de la Woluwe in Diegem, under the Ring, will disappear. From mid-August, the other connections between the Ring and the boulevard de la Woluwe in Diegem will be cut.

Details of the works at the intersection between the Ring and the A201 (avenue Léopold III) ©Werkvenootschap

From August, traffic on the A201 will be reduced to 2×1 lanes. From the end of the year, the Ring lanes, maintained at 2×3, will be narrowed.

On the Vilvoorde viaductthe time-consuming construction site continues. The facelift of the vast bridge over the Brussels canal will last until 2031. Traffic on the Inner Ring (towards Zaventem) is still slowed down due to narrow lanes and speed limits. From August, vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tonnes will no longer be able to drive on the viaduct in the evening during the weekend.

Slowdowns on the Hal side

On the other side of the ring road, work is still underway on the Hal side. At the level of Drasopwhere the bridge is being destroyed, traffic remains hampered, with narrowed lanes and reduced speeds. The greatest disruptions are to be deplored during the evening rush hour, in the direction of Wallonia.

A little further on, mobility remains disrupted at the Flemish border, where the pont de la Vlasmarktdreef has been destroyed and an ecoduct is being built. Here too the tracks are narrowed, which causes delays, especially in the morning heading north.

©”Roads and Traffic Agency / Nature and Forests Agency / Department of Environment”

A summer of work in Braine-le-Château

Finally, still on the west side of the Ring, a vast construction site is beginning on the Walloon section, at Braine-le-Château, between the Haut-Ittre interchange and the Flemish border. The surfaces will be redone on a 4 km section, in both directions. In July, the work will be done in the direction of Mons. In August, in the direction of Flanders.

Until July 12, traffic is limited to 2×2 lanes and a maximum speed of 70 km/h. Some access points are closed. Other disruptions will occur from August 5 to 30, but the details are not yet known.



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