An individual enters a Roma camp and opens fire

This Monday July 1st around 10 a Roma shanty town established for several years, a man was injured following a shooting.

It was around 10:30 p.m. when an armed individual entered a Roma camp in the Millénaire district of Montpellier. The armed individual fired several timeswithin the makeshift camp established for many years. He subsequently deliberately hit one of its residents driving his vehicle before fleeing.

Around ten detonations could be heard by the neighbourhood: “Since 8pm, we could hear fights, things being broken, shouts. Then around 10pm, we heard around ten detonations followed by a car-ramming attack. I heard two impacts and then women screaming to death,” a local resident told our colleagues at Midi Libre.

An attack that keeps its mysteries

A garbage fire was also contained by the Hérault firefighters to prevent it from spreading to the neighborhood. The police also discovered bullet holes in the door of a car. The 45-year-old man who was hit was taken to the emergency room, His days are not in dangerThe reasons for this incident remain unknown for the time being.

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