Zurich en effervescence pour Taylor Swift

Zurich en effervescence pour Taylor Swift
Zurich en effervescence pour Taylor Swift

For her first concert in Switzerland, Taylor Swift is highly anticipated. The queen of pop, who started out as a country singer, has planned a three and a quarter hour show for “The Eras Tour”, several foreign media outlets report. A relatively long time where she is often not alone on stage but accompanied by dancers, her team of no less than 200 people. In short, a real show.

During her concert, Taylor Swift will choose songs from her vast repertoire, including her eleventh album released in April, “The Tortured Poets Department,” which immediately became the most downloaded album in a single day, Spotify announced.

The Pennsylvania pop star will perform more than forty songs ranging from sentimental ballads to pop hits, according to several foreign sites.


Taylor Swift’s positive impact on the economy is well known, and the term “Swiftonomics” has been coined to describe this effect, according to a financial analysis by investment firm Freedom24. “It is said that (Taylor Swift, editor’s note) charges more than 100% of gross ticket sales, leaving the organizers with the margins from food and beverage sales and extras,” reports the BBC.

In Scotland, where the star has performed three times in Edinburgh, the revenue for the city’s economy is estimated at several tens of thousands of pounds, reports the British newspaper The Scotsman.

In April, the 34-year-old officially entered the Forbes magazine billionaires list. Her personal fortune is estimated at around $1.3 billion and is solely the result of her music and her latest tour. “The Eras Tour” “generated more revenue from ticket sales alone than all previous tours,” according to the NZZ.

The impact on the city of Zurich

Around 100,000 people are expected for the two Zurich dates, including 10,000 from abroad, concert organizer André Béchir told Blick at the end of April. This has an impact on the city’s revenues: from restaurants to transport to hotels, explains Swiss spokesman and stock market expert Hans Selleslagh for Freedom24.

The impact on the hotel sector is already visible: some time ago, the German-speaking radio station SRF reported that Zurich’s hotels were already almost fully booked on the dates of the two concerts, while the Wollishofen campsite had no more places available.

On June 25, the cheapest hotel still available cost 987 francs per night. Apartments offered on Booking.com are even more expensive. The accommodation rental platform Airbnb is also taking advantage of the windfall. The Tribune de Genève even headlined a few days ago: “1400 francs per night on a sofa bed to go see Taylor Swift”.

The SBB, as for other major concerts, such as the AC/DC concert on Saturday at Letzigrund, is offering special trains, while special trams and buses will run between Zurich station and the stadium.

“Taylor Swift’s European tour is more than a musical event, it is a catalyst for economic activity, making money for investors,” says Mr. Selleslagh.



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