What cheap package on the Orange network?

What cheap package on the Orange network?
What cheap package on the Orange network?

Looking for a mobile plan cheap on the Orange network ? Two operators are at the top of the list in this sector: YouPrice and Sosh. The latter has recently released new maxi data packages in order to compete with its competitor. So, how can we decide between them?

YouPrice: magic formulas for less than €10/month

This is his trademark: offering mobile subscriptions without commitment which are cheaps (less than 10 euros), with a ggenerous mobile data envelope (minimum 100 GB) and which operate on the number 1 network, that of Orange. YouPrice is no exception to the rule this week with these two unlimited packagesnamed Le Wonderful et The amazing. With names like that, you can get some great deals. And you do.

The Wonderful is a subscription on the Orange network including 100 Go mobile internet for 7.99 euros per month. As for The amazingit includes 140 Go of data for 9,99 euros per month. But above all, the 5G is offered with this subscription! Both obviously include calls, SMS and MMS at willboth in metropolitan France and when traveling in the EU and overseas territories. From these areas, YouPrice allows you access to the Internet up to 10 GB with the Le Wonderful offer and 14 GB with the L’Incroyable package.

Clarification: The Le Wonderful mobile plan therefore works on the Orange 4G network with the possibility of switching to 5G for 5 euros more per month.

Sosh launches two new mobile plans: are they worth it?

For its part, Sosh is responding with not one mobile plan, but two! Orange’s digital brand intends to regain its place as leader on the Orange network with these two subscriptions well stocked with mobile data.

The first formula includes for 9.99 euros per month 100 GB of internet in 4G+ on the Orange network. You will benefit from unlimited calls and SMS/MMS, as well as calls from the French overseas departments, the European Union and 15 other destinations. When traveling in these areas, you will also have 20 GB of internet included in your plan (excluding Switzerland and Andorra). This plan is without commitment, giving you the freedom to change or cancel your subscription at any time.

The second offer launched by Sosh is even more generous in gigabytes: 150 Go are indeed available. The price unfortunately exceeds 10 euros per month since we reach 12,99 euros per month to take advantage of this unlimited, no-commitment package. For the rest, the classic calls, SMS and MMS are obviously limitlessin metropolitan France as well as in the European Union and the French overseas departments. When you travel in these areas (excluding Switzerland and Andorra), sosh grants you a monthly allowance of 20 GB of mobile internet.

So who offers the best deal, Sosh or YouPrice? In our eyes, it is YouPrice and its two packages under 10 euros per month that wins first place. Especially since its offer The Incredible is a 5G package for only 9.99 euros per month: IMBATTABLE !



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