With only one LR candidate qualified for the second round, the Parisian right continues its decline

With only one LR candidate qualified for the second round, the Parisian right continues its decline
With only one LR candidate qualified for the second round, the Parisian right continues its decline

After the first round of the legislative elections, the Republicans failed to come out on top in a single Parisian constituency. In the second round, they will only be represented by one candidate.

Have these early legislative elections definitively buried the right in Paris? The time when the historic right from Jacques Chirac, through Jean Tibéri, was in the majority in the Parisian ballot boxes seems a long time ago.

After the first round of the legislative elections, the Parisian right-wing LR is only in the running in the 4th constituency. It will be represented by Geoffroy Boulard, mayor of the 17th arrondissement, who was credited with 26.55%. He will face the outgoing Renaissance MP, Astrid Panosyans-Bouvet, who came out on top in the first round with 37.19% of the vote. Théa Fourdrinier (PP/NFP) withdrew in favor of the Macronist.

Electoral decline started in 2017

In the broader right, there are other candidates, such as in the 2nd constituency between the 5th, 6th and 7th arrondissements, where the Renaissance candidate, Jean Laussucq, former LR, is supported by Rachida Dati.

In Paris, the mayor of the 7th arrondissement campaigned only for this constituency. In the latter, the socialist Marine Rosset came out on top with 33.40% of the vote, and Gilles Le Gendre, the outgoing Renaissance MP and dissident candidate credited with 19.62% of the vote, withdrew in favor of the socialist.

In 2012, the Parisian right was strong in 8 constituencies out of 18 in Paris. The others were held by the socialists.

But in 2017, the Republicans lost ground with only three deputies in the west of Paris facing the wave of La République en Marche, which has since become Renaissance, which qualified 12 deputies. In 2022, Renaissance moved to the west of Paris and replaced Les Républicains, which completely disappeared from the map of the capital. The 2024 legislative elections did not allow the right to recover, quite the contrary.

“The Republicans are taking a real beating in Paris,” a close friend of the mayor of Paris responded in a message to BFM Paris Île-de-France.

“They are not in the majority anywhere. Dati’s lieutenants are getting absolutely ridiculous scores,” he mocks. “Only Laussucq and Boulard are saving the day,” he continues.

Before these early legislative elections, the landscape of the Parisian right was already in full recomposition. The division was reinforced by the alliance of Éric Ciotti with the National Rally, urging the elected officials to position themselves.

Rachida Dati leaves for the presidential camp

In January, Rachida Dati, mayor of the 7th arrondissement of Paris, clarified her position by joining the government and becoming Emmanuel Macron’s Minister of Culture.

From the start of the campaign, she called on Republicans to stand alongside President Macron, after having campaigned in the European elections for Valérie Hayer, the Macronist candidate.

“I think that today, given the circumstances, the Republicans should be alongside the president to be useful to France,” she explained to Le Parisien.

On the Paris council, Rachida Dati still sits with her group Changer Paris, largely composed of LR elected officials. However, the LR senator of Paris Francis Szpiner has split by creating a new group independent of that of the minister. As for Changer Paris, it has been taken over by the LR senator Catherine Dumas.

“The Republicans are neither subject to the Macronists nor to the extreme right,” assures Agnès Evren, the president of the LR federation of Paris and member of Rachida Dati’s group to BFM Paris Île-de-France. “We are the only ones to have presented candidates without compromise, the only candidates of clarity,” she adds.

Nicols Dumas, with Sylvain Allemand



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