Marchand defends his chief of staff’s salary

Marchand defends his chief of staff’s salary
Marchand defends his chief of staff’s salary

Defending the $156,000 annual salary earned by his chief of staff, Quebec City Mayor Bruno Marchand also sent jabs at the two main municipal opposition parties.

“I don’t think my chief of staff earns too much. I think that with the amount of work he has to do, the commitment he gives and the hours he puts in, he is probably one of the hardest workers here. I wouldn’t change this chief of staff for anything in the world,” said Mayor Marchand, Tuesday afternoon, in an impromptu press conference.

He was reacting to an article in which The newspaper revealed that the chief of staff of the mayor of Quebec, Clément Laberge, earned a salary identical to that of his counterpart in Montreal.

Mr. Marchand added this: “When I compare with Mr. Paquet [chef non élu d’Équipe Priorité Québec, ÉPQ] at $126,000 then when I compare to Paul-Christian Nolin [chef de cabinet de Québec d’abord] At $131,000, the gap is certainly not big enough.”

Should we understand that Mr. Paquet earns too much public money for a non-elected official? “It’s a lot of money for the position, but it’s up to them to decide,” he said.

“Little politics”

Asked to react, Patrick Paquet deplored “the attacks” and “the petty politics” of the mayor.

According to him, his salary, paid entirely by Quebec taxpayers, represents money “extremely well invested.”

The businessman added that he held his job as special advisor to the EPQ elected officials and interim leader of the party because he was “passionate,” but that he would earn “a lot more money” if he did something else.

For his part, Claude Villeneuve, leader of Quebec First, described Mayor Marchand’s comments about Mr. Nolin’s salary as “particularly cheap, gratuitous and inaccurate.”

“Paul-Christian Nolin’s salary was set by the City’s Finance Department. When we hire someone in the office, we send their CV and their service record. It’s the Finance Department that sets the salary. It’s not our decision,” he said, recalling that his chief of staff had held various positions within the Municipality over the past 30 years.

Messrs. Paquet and Villeneuve also wanted to reiterate that Mayor Marchand’s political cabinet was twice as large as that of his predecessor, Régis Labeaume, in terms of the number of employees and payroll.



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